recovery after breast reduction

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

Planning to get breast reduction surgery? The breast reduction surgery itself takes about 3 to 4 hours. Your recovery phase however requires a lot more of your attention, time and dedication to get the best results.  Now, that you have finally decided to get it done, here is some useful information about the recovery after
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Risks and complications of breast reduction surgery Blog on Dr Carmen Munteanu - Woman with Big Breast in White Bra and Panty

Reducing Excess Breast Skin after Weight Loss

Breast Reduction Surgery to Reducing Excess Breast Skin after Massive Weight Loss Sudden weight loss, most often after bariatric surgery, can cause unwanted changes to some parts of the body. The breasts are the part of the body that undergoes visible changes after such surgery. Dr Carmen Munteanu is a Melbourne expert at body lift
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Breast Reduction FAQs – Dr Carmen’s Q & A about Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction FAQs & Surgery Questions in Melbourne Victoria by Dr Carmen Here are Dr Carmen Munteanu’s answers to the most common questions about Breast Reduction Surgery – Breast Reduction FAQs Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery – Reduction Mammaplasty Breast Reduction FAQs – General Are breast reductions permanent? The results are generally permanent,
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back-neck pain

Solutions for Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain from Large Heavy Breasts

Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain from Large Heavy Breasts? – Breast Reduction Surgery may help Extremely large heavy breasts can cause problems ranging from muscle pain to skin inflammation. Abnormally large breasts (also called macromastia) is a medical condition that can strain your muscles and cause pain in your shoulders, neck, and back. So, is there
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Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in the World

Who are the Best Breast Reduction Surgeons in the World? If you are considering getting breast reduction surgery, you have probably thought about this at least once; ‘Who is the Best Breast Reduction Surgeon?’ Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery – Reduction Mammaplasty How to find the Best Breast Reduction Surgeon Finding a
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