Your Patient Journey – Steps to Successful Surgery

From the time of your first consultation, through to the follow-up appointments after your procedure, you will know that Dr Carmen Munteanu is devoted to providing a superior level of care.

By listening, being accessible and responsive throughout your whole experience, Dr Munteanu accompanies you during your journey to ensure you receive the best results, safety, and care.

Only by working closely with you to understand your personal goals, is it possible to take the safest and most sound steps towards achieving your desired look.

During your initial consultation, Dr Carmen Munteanu will spend a significant amount of time explaining the options available, address your specific concerns, and help you understand realistic expectations about your procedure.

Dr Carmen Munteanu will provide you with an in-depth explanation of your  procedure and the associated risks & complications.

At Aesthetik Profile, we are committed to providing you with the information you require to make an informed decision about your health.

Am I ready for plastic surgery?

People can be attracted by plastic or cosmetic surgery. But to quote Dr. Foad Nahai, one of the greatest Plastic Surgery mentors, “Forget about aesthetic, remember surgery!”

Surgery is a complex undertaking, performed by specialised people. It helps to enhance the natural appearance, but it can not be guaranteed to be without risks.

If you are in a good health, a non-smoker, in a good phase of your life, have realistic expectations, are relatively well informed, psychologically stable, you are most likely a good candidate for plastic surgery.

During your first consultation, we will discuss your concerns and expectations.

Booking your First consultation

A referral from your local GP is required if you are seeing Dr Carmen and it can allow you to claim part of the cost of your consultation from Medicare. It also means that many common cosmetic operations that have medical benefits (such as breast reductions and tummy tucks/ abdominoplasties) may attract a modest Medicare rebate.

Please assist us by completing your medical history as best as you can prior to the consultation and prepare a list of questions and bring any scans or x-rays relating to the surgery.

What happens at the First Consultation?

Dr Carmen will discuss your medical history, your concerns and your goals.  She will also discuss your surgical and non-surgical options including risks and potential benefits. Please advise her of any medications you are taking and any previous illnesses or operations you have had in the past. Dr Carmen will order any relevant investigations (such as blood tests, US or mammograms).

Smoking is always a problem in plastic surgery as it is toxic and stops the blood flow required for healing. You must advise Dr Carmen of your smoking history and discuss a period of abstinence before and after your surgery.

Our Patient Coordinator will prepare a quote for you reflecting the options available and send it to you after your consultation. The quote will include information about how to book your procedure if you decide to go ahead. Dr Carmen herself does not discuss fees as her focus is on understanding your goals and providing expert advice about the surgical options to help achieve them.

Medical Board regulations now require a second consultation and a cooling off period prior to booking surgery. Between the first and second consultations, you will have time to consider all the information you have been given.

Booking Your Surgery

Once you decide that surgery is for you, we will tell you what to expect from the surgery and develop an individualised treatment plan for your procedure and post-operative period.

Preparing both physically and psychologically for the surgery are important steps to a successful outcome. Understanding the process and your role in it, will help you recover more quickly and reduce the risk of complications.

You will need to pay a deposit of $1000 to secure your surgery date.

Preparing & Planning for your Surgery

Before your procedure, essential steps taken are:

  • Understanding your needs, expectations and motivation
  • Analysing the clinical aspects, along with your particular circumstances, anatomy, physiology, psychological aspects, support
  • Blood tests, specific preparation, procuring special garments, ensuring that you will have an appropriate support structure
  • Filling in the hospital paperwork, the informed consent, finding all the involved fees, appointments structure

A pre-operative consultation at least 2 weeks prior to your surgery will be arranged to go over any final questions and to prepare for surgery, including the signing of paperwork and consents.

What happens during your Surgery

On the day of surgery, you will arrive at hospital at your designated time, having fasted for 6 hours. Surgery day can be both exciting and daunting, however you are in good hands with Dr Carmen and her team.

Dr Carmen currently operates at Epworth Eastern Private Hospital, Mitcham Private Hospital, Knox Private Hospital,The Bays Private Hospital and Peninsula Health

Plastic surgery is always performed in an accredited theatre. This can be either a hospital, or a day surgery facility, and involves the care of a consultant anaesthetist, as well as trained nurses.

You may need to spend some time in the hospital, depending on the nature of the procedure. This is usually until the drains are removed, pain control is achieved, and you can eat and drink properly, although sometimes it can be a longer period, depending on the degree of assistance required.

When you leave, you will have a new appointment, emergency contacts, your surgeon’s personal contact details, as well as instructions about how to look after yourself at home.

Every person is a special, different entity, with special requirements. We believe this and treat everyone accordingly. You will have some guidelines about what to expect, the limitations, recovery time as well as risks, but the reality can be quite different from one person to another.

The common-sense advice for every patient is to listen to their surgeon and their instructions, even if they feel well and capable. You are feeling well for a reason, and that is due to following the correct instructions so far. It is very predictable (unfortunately still occurring) that once the rules are not respected, unnecessary delays and unwanted events can occur.

“I cannot overemphasise the need for the necessary recovery time, especially for big procedures.”
Dr Carmen Munteanu