Excess Belly fat

Excess Belly Fat around your Middle?

Dealing with Excess Belly Fat around your middle. Why a big stomach is harmful and what can be done about it. Increasing studies show that having extra fat around our middle torso areas (known as “visceral fat” or extra belly fat) is far more harmful than simply being overweight. So why is having excess fat
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recovery after gastric sleeve surgery

Best Tips for Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Melbourne Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) involves reducing the size of your stomach to a short tube shape. It works by making you feel full sooner so that you eat less. Recovery after Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you through the process, after
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intimacy after surgery

Libido, Sex and Intimacy After Weight Loss Surgery

Does your libido change after weight loss surgery? Weight loss surgery is a life-changing event. In addition to the loss of excess body fat, there are many changes that might occur in your life after bariatric procedures like a gastric sleeve. When you feel better about how you look, your confidence and assertiveness will soar.
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Large Heavy Breasts

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain from Large Heavy Breasts

Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain from Large Heavy Breasts? – Breast Reduction Surgery may help Extremely large heavy breasts can cause problems ranging from muscle pain to skin inflammation. Abnormally large breasts (also called macromastia) is a medical condition that can strain your muscles and cause pain in your shoulders, neck, and back. So, is there
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breast ptosis

Sagging or Drooping Breasts? – Solutions for Breast Ptosis

Surgical Solutions for Sagging or Drooping Breasts? – Understanding Breast Ptosis One of the most common problems that women suffer from as they age is breast ptosis (also known as breast drooping). This is when your breasts become saggy and lose their normal position and “perkiness” after pregnancy or weight loss. If you have droopy
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diastasis recti split tummy muscles

Split Abdominal Muscles? – Surgery for Diastasis Recti

Surgery for Diastasis Recti – Repairing Separated Tummy muscles with Abdominoplasty Many women split their tummy muscles during pregnancy and exercise alone usually fails to return the muscles back to normal. This results in an overhanging belly, bulge or pooch which can be rectified with Full Tummy Tuck surgery by Dr Carmen Munteanu – Female
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Lose Weight before surgery

How to Lose Weight Before your Surgery

Tips to Help you Lose Weight before your Plastic Surgery Losing weight before your plastic surgery can not only help you heal faster after the surgery but may improve the results of the surgery as well. Some of the benefits include improved quality of sleep, lower risk of poor scar results and other aesthetic concerns.
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Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery

Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery: Impact of Smoking on your results

Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery – The impact of smoking on Plastic Surgery Smoking before or after Cosmetic Surgery is a really bad idea. The adverse effect of smoking is not limited to the respiratory system, its restriction of bloodflow effects and carcinogenic impact can have widespread effects when you are recovering. With regards to cosmetic
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Female plastic surgeon

Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

Benefits of choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon for your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery There are many reasons why patients prefer a female surgeon. You might feel more comfortable and supported when discussing your concerns with a female plastic surgeon who can really understand your challenges. Moreover, female plastic surgeons have the emotional capacity to empathise with
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body lift myths

Seven Common Body Lift Myths about Contouring Surgery

  The 7 Body Lift Myths about Body Contouring surgery Body lift surgery after significant weight loss can be life-changing. Reducing excess loose skin and tissue can help improve your confidence, your lifestyle and make it easier to exercise. Having realistic expectations is key – Here are the 7 Body Lift Myths to consider before
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