Breast Augmentation

How Big Is a C Cup? – Useful Advice for Breast Implant Surgery

Popular Breast Implant Sizes Many women seeking breast implant surgery want to ‘be a C Cup’. This is a popular outcome that aligns with their body type and personal preferences. Australia, known for its diverse population, sees a variety of preferences in breast sizes. However, the C cup stands out for its widespread appeal. It’s
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Breast Implant Placement

Submuscular Placement, Subglandular Placement, Dual Plane Placement – Which Is Best? As you navigate the important decision around breast implant placement, understanding your options becomes a cornerstone in this significant journey. This fundamental step involves acquainting yourself with different approaches such as ‘over the muscle,’ ‘under the muscle,’ and ‘dual plane’ placements. Each of these
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Breast Reduction

What Is the Internal Bra Technique for Breast Surgery

Internal Bra – An Approach to Breast Surgery Internal bra technique is used for breast surgery and it promises to provide long-lasting breast lift and support. As a rather novel surgical method, the Internal Bra Technique entails creating an internal support system for the breasts, enhancing their shape, position, and overall aesthetic appearance. In the
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Fat Transfer to the Breasts Results

Does Breast Enlargement By Fat Transfer To Breast Last?

How Long Do Results Last after Fat Transfer to the Breasts? If you’re considering breast enlargement, you may have come across the option of fat transfer to breasts. This procedure offers a natural and subtle enhancement by using your body’s own fat cells. But before making a decision, it’s essential to understand the longevity of
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Breast Augmentation FAQs – Questions about Breast Enhancement Surgery

  Breast Augmentation is a popular surgery performed by Melbourne Plastic Surgeon Dr Carmen Munteanu. Here are the most popular questions that patients ask her about Breast Augmentation FAQs Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to Breast Augmentation with Implants Breast Augmentation FAQs What is a breast implant? A breast implant is a implantable device used to
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Breast Reduction FAQs – Dr Carmen’s Q & A about Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction FAQs & Surgery Questions in Melbourne Victoria by Dr Carmen Here are Dr Carmen Munteanu’s answers to the most common questions about Breast Reduction Surgery – Breast Reduction FAQs Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery – Reduction Mammaplasty   Breast Reduction FAQs – General Are breast reductions permanent? The results are generally
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breast reduction and lift

Understanding Breast Anatomy – Breast Cosmetic Surgery Terms and Concerns

Breast Anatomy – What you need to know before Breast Surgery? Physical and mental health has been a hot topic these days. However, there is still a need to understand the human body more. This article will discuss the breast anatomy, deformities, and surgeries needed to have a healthy, functioning, and aesthetically perfect breast. Dr Carmen
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