Female plastic surgeon

Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

Benefits of choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon for your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery There are many reasons why patients prefer a female surgeon. You might feel more comfortable and supported when discussing your concerns with a female plastic surgeon who can really understand your challenges. Moreover, female plastic surgeons have the emotional capacity to empathise with
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Mummy Makeover Surgery

How to choose your plastic surgeon

  Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne, Australia? A Cosmetic Surgeon is NOT the same as a Plastic Surgeon Using the title of “Cosmetic Surgeon” does not mean the medical practitioner is a qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon. A Specialist Plastic Surgeon can only practice aesthetic surgery after obtaining extensive experience and expertise in
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Sun Protection and Regular Skin Check Ups

  Sun Protection Tips & Sunscreens and regular skin checks help minimise your risk of skin cancer – Dr Carmen Munteanu Plastic Surgeon Melbourne As Summer approaches, Dr Carmen would like to remind you of the importance of sun protection and regular skin cancer checks. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in
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