Breast Implant Removal Surgery in Melbourne Victoria

Breast Implant Removal or Explantation of Breast Implants is performed by Dr Carmen Munteanu, Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Breast implants are not lifetime devices but are lifetime commitments. Regardless of the initial reasons behind breast implants, cosmetic augmentation, reconstruction after congenital or acquired defects, breast implants might need removal.

Sometimes the implant removal procedure is associated with reimplantation, or replacement of your implants.

Guide Implant Removal Surgery

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Implant Removal Surgery

What is a Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a procedure available to patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their current breast implants, or have experienced a problem with their implants such as rupture, capsular contracture or other complications. It can also be a routine operation in cases where it is estimated that the risk of rupture is high. It can also be associated with different changes in the person’s appearance or breasts’ appearance, in relationship to ageing, hormonal changes, weight variations.

Revisional breast surgery is a delicate procedure which requires highly detailed knowledge of the procedure which was previously performed. Dr Carmen will endeavour to contact your previous surgeon or may use an ultrasound or MRI to find out more about your implants.

Enbloc removal of Breast implants

Enbloc removal of breast implants refers to the procedure that removes the breast implants along with their capsule, as a unit. Breast implantation is followed by the development of a capsule around the implant, in an attempt of isolating ‘ the foreign body’. Occasionally that capsule can became very tight, process known as ‘capsular contracture’. Even more so, in some cases of implant rupture, the body makes the capsule tighter and tighter.

The Enbloc removal of breast implant is designed to remove the implant, potentially damaged and the capsule without leaving anything behind. It is quite an involved procedure, with higher risks and complications, of more extended duration. It involves much more skill, the recovery can be more difficult than the explantation alone and potentially the cosmetic effect can be of a negative value.

Drains have to be used, the tissues left behind are thinner, the patient might need to be in hospital for longer time and it can lead to deformities. Some surgeons would recur to using much larger incisions, sometimes similar to the mastectomy incisions, in order to perform this operation.

The decision process between an operation that removes the implant only and the Enbloc capsulectomy has to be very thorough, as the implications can be serious.

Dr Carmen has the special training and ability to perform both these operations and she will help you take the right avenue into which surgery is right for you.

All surgery has risks – for detailed information about the risks and potential complications of Breast Implant Removal please visit the risks of surgery page.

What are the Benefits of a Breast Implant Removal Procedure?

Depending upon the reason behind the need for removal, multiple benefits can be obtained from this surgery.

  • Improvement in appearance
  • Resolution of pain
  • Improvement of deformity associated with capsular contracture
  • Improvement of symptoms associated with Breast Implant Illness

Why Choose Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

There are times when people who get Breast Implant Surgery are just not satisfied with their results.

  • Feeling breast implants no longer suit body shape or lifestyle
  • Concerns regarding BII or BIA-ALCL
  • Asymmetry– breasts that appear uneven or lopsided
  • Bottoming out– the nipple is positioned too high on the breast as the implant has dropped
  • Capsular contracture– a complication resulting in hardening of the implant pocket
  • Double bubble– a crease across the lower part of the augmented breast
  • Rippling or wrinkling– creasing skin texture usually on top of breast
  • Ruptured implant– remove, rectify and replace
  • Symmastia– implants too close together crossing the midline

When do you need to have the implants removed?

An implant that had the right role some years ago might not suit a person’s beliefs, lifestyle or appearance anymore.

  • Some women can develop symptoms of silicone toxicity or Breast Implant Illness.
  • Some women might just want to have smaller breasts.

Sometimes implants were used to help with underdevelopment of the breasts, which was expressed as asymmetry at the time. In time, the breasts can develop with pregnancies, weight gain and ageing and the implants might not play a big role anymore.

Before and After photos of Breast Implant Removal

You can see Before and After pics of Breast Implant Removal when you visit the clinic.

To see more Photos of Dr Carmen’s Breast Surgery work visit the Photos Page

How Can You Check On Your Existing Breast Implants?

  • Attend all follow-up visits after surgery including your Annual reviews
  • Be sure to schedule these into your diary and keep your surgeon up to date on changes to your contact information (phone, email address)
  • Also, stay vigilant about any changes to your breast shape or sensitivity – the same recommendations are for all women even those who do NOT have breast implants
  • Alert your surgeon immediately if you have any changes to your breast appearance and/or other concerns

Assessing Your Implant Status:

  • Discuss review time frames with your Plastic Surgeon and be sure you attend your surgery reviews
  • You may be asked to get a scan(s) at certain points in time, such as MRIs or Ultrasounds
  • You can also ask to get your implant surgery details registered on the breast prosthesis database if available in your region

Annual Breast Review by Your Plastic Surgeon

  • We recommend your reviews be done with your original Surgeon in your local area, if available
  • This can be an issue if you have overseas breast surgery with an unknown doctor
  • Avoid having surgery overseas because breast surgery patients tend to lack adequate follow-up care and reviews or revision options of their breast augmentation results when they have surgery in overseas facilities.

Ruptured Breast Implants – Has Your Implant Ruptured?

In some cases, a change of shape or reduction in size may indicate a ruptured implant. The rupture of a saline implant is often noticeable very quickly, but if a silicone implant ruptures, the effect may be slow and difficult to distinguish, which is why routine check-ups are strongly recommended.

Ruptures can either be contained within the breast capsule (intracapsular) or can be more dangerous, where the leakage seeps past the capsule and into the breast tissue and body (extracapsular), leading to further health risks.

implant ruptured


How Much Is Breast Implant Removal Surgery in Melbourne? Prices & Costs

There is not a fixed fee or a ‘one size fits all’ fee structure. All surgery is individually designed to suit the individual and the particular problem. In the fee structure a number of details will be considered, such as the type of breast revision surgery you are undertaking, the extent of your surgery, the risks associated, the possible complications, the possible necessity for revisional surgery.

The breast implant removal surgery fee will also vary from one hospital to another, and although we only work in accredited facilities, the fee structure can be quite different. The length of your stay can add to the expenses, however we would usually consider a day stay should be sufficient for this type of operation.

At your initial consultation, you will be given a detailed quote which will include, the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetic fee, assistant’s fee and the hospital fees, including theatre and day stay fee.

The fees are inclusive of all postoperative care for the first 6 weeks or however long it takes for the complete healing to occur, if there is a delayed healing circumstance.

A Medicare rebate may be available depending on your circumstances for undertaking breast implant removal surgery.

A Medicare rebate may be available for the procedure if you are eligible. If so, it will make a big difference if you are privately insured, as the Private Health insurance might pay more of the hospital and theatre expenses. They can sometimes contribute to the expenses for dressings and garments.

You need a doctor’s referral to receive a Medicare rebate for your initial and subsequent consultations.

If you have the relevant private health insurance you not only receive the Medicare rebate for your procedure, you will receive an extra rebate from your health fund.

Payment plans are available for some patients.

Why Visit Dr Carmen for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

  • She is a highly qualified female surgeon
  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Regularly performs breast procedures

During your pre-operative consultation, Dr Carmen will compassionately address the previous breast surgery and determine which revision technique is necessary to refine the breasts.

It is very important to discern whether further surgery is part of a plan, of a staged approach, or whether it is required to correct something that went wrong.

Any information about your previous surgery is paramount to understanding the intrinsic details. This will help Dr Carmen produce the highest quality breast correction.

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