Mummy Makeover Recovery

Mummy Makeover FAQs

Mummy Makeover surgery can help remove loose skin and repair tummy muscles after pregnancy. Here are the most common questions Dr Carmen gets asked about a Mummy Makeover – Breast and Tummy surgery after childbirth – the Mummy Makeover FAQs. Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to a Mummy Makeover Questions About a Mummy Makeover Is a
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Extended Tummy Tuck FAQs

Extended Tummy Tuck FAQs – Questions about Extended Abdominoplasty

Dr Carmen answers Questions About Extended Tummy Tuck FAQs – Extended Abdominoplasty FAQs An extended Tummy Tuck can help remove excess skin from the front and sides of your abdomen. This may have been caused by significant weight loss or post pregnancy. Dr Carmen Munteanu is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne and Body Contouring Expert.
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diastasis recti split tummy muscles

Split Abdominal Muscles? – Surgery for Diastasis Recti

Surgery for Diastasis Recti – Repairing Separated Tummy muscles with Abdominoplasty Many women split their tummy muscles during pregnancy and exercise alone usually fails to return the muscles back to normal. This results in an overhanging belly, bulge or pooch which can be rectified with Full Tummy Tuck surgery by Dr Carmen Munteanu – Female
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