Transform the appearance of your labia or improve personal comfort

Labiaplasty is designed to reduce the effects of atrophy and minimise light bladder leakage. Download the Guide to learn how you can:

  • Reshape the vaginal labia majora
  • Regain fullness and elasticity of thin tissue
  • Preserve or regain a youthful appearance
  • Reduce fat following significant weight loss

Download the FREE Labiaplasty Guide

Why should I receive the labiaplasty procedure?


Elongated labia can cause severe discomfort and irritation from cloth or during intercourse, leading to further conditions such as yeast infections.


Some women may find that enlarged labia can have a negative effect on their self-confidence, especially if the problem is visible through clothing.

Sexual Intercourse

Elongated labia may also inhibit sexual experience, making it more difficult for women to achieve orgasm.

Your caring and compassionate female surgeon

Dr Carmen Munteanu of Aesthetik Profile has had years of experience performing the labiaplasty procedure. With her internationally recognised qualifications, compassionate nature, and access to the latest in cosmetic surgery technology, you can rest assured the highest level of care is being taken.

Download our FREE Labiaplasty Guide to learn how Dr Carmen Munteanu can help restore a women’s feminity.

Download the Labiaplasty Guide