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Dr Carmen Answers Common Questions about About Body Lift surgery – Body Lift FAQs

Body Lift Surgery can help reduce excess loose skin after Massive Weight Loss. Dr Carmen Munteanu FRACS(Plas) is a Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Body lift expert. Here are all her answers to the Body Lift FAQs asked by her many patients.

Body Lift FAQs

What is a full-body lift called?

  • A full-body lift is also known as a whole body plastic surgery or 360-degree body lift. It can include removal of all excess loose skin after weight loss – combining a lower body lift and upper body lift. This may include a circumferential abdominoplasty including a buttock lift (or a fleur de lis abdo may be done), Breast Surgery, Arm & Thigh lifts, Bra line Back lift and other skin reduction surgeries as required.

Which conditions can be treated with a full-body lift?

  • A body lift surgery can help the following conditions; dimpled or uneven soft tissue, lax, loose skin, excess fat and tissue, sagging body contours, stretch marks, abdominal bulge, back rolls, extra hanging thighs, lower buttock, and flat appearance of the upper part of the buttock.

How do you know if you should have a body lift?

  • If you have lost a lot of excess weight through diet and exercise or weightloss surgery and are left with loose, hanging skin all around your body, a body lift is the best way to achieve a toned and tight look. Liposuction and exercise alone are unable to remove the excess skin.

What is the difference between a tummy tuck – abdominoplasty and a lower body lift?

  • A lower body lift is a procedure that is done to remove excess skin and stubborn fat deposits all around the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, and buttocks. On the other hand, a regular tummy tuck – abdominoplasty procedure only removes excess skin and fat deposits from the front abdominal area.

What is a circumferential body lift?

During a circumferential body lift, incisions are made all around the circumference of the body to remove excess skin and rigid fat deposits and give your body a sculpted look.

What is included in a lower body lift?

  • A lower body lift combines the elements of an abdominoplasty and a thigh lift. It removes excess skin on the stomach, hips, thighs, flanks and gives your lower body a contoured appearance.

What does an upper body lift include?

  • An upper body lift combines surgical elements like an arm lift, breast lift / reduction, and liposuction to transform your upper body. Sometimes a bra line back lift is required too.

What is a lower back lift?

  • A lower back lift combines the elements of liposuction, abdominoplasty and thigh lift. It not only sculpts your back but also lifts the thigh and buttock area.

What is the difference between a belt lipectomy and an abdominoplasty?

  • A belt lipectomy surgery involves a 360-degree incision around your waist (some surgeons call this a circumferential abdominoplasty). It not only tones your tummy but also improves the appearance of your waist, buttocks and upper thighs. On the other hand, a regular abdominoplasty only targets the abdominal area.

What is a 360 body lift?

  • A 360 body lift procedure typically involves removal of excess skin from the abdomen, lower back and elevation of the buttock.

What does a 360 body lift do?

  • A 360º Body Lift involves removing excess fat and skin around the entire waistline, back, and abdomen.

What is a 360 tummy tuck – abdominoplasty?

  • As evident from the name, a 360º tummy tuck takes a circumferential approach to abdominoplasty. It targets your entire mid-section and removes excess skin and rigid fat deposits from the abdomen, flanks and back.

What is a Beltectomy?

  • Beltectomy is a surgical procedure that removes large amounts of skin and fat from the lower torso and the hips. 

Body Lift FAQs about Preparing for Surgery

How do I prepare my body for plastic surgery?

  • Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for plastic surgery:
    • Make sure you are in generally good health
    • Eat well and lead a generally healthy lifestyle
    • Organise your leave from work ahead of time
    • Make arrangements in advance; someone to drive you home and take care of you for the first few days
    • Quit smoking at least a few weeks before the surgery
    • Quit drinking alcohol a few weeks before the surgery
    • Adjust your medications as per your surgeon’s recommendation
    • Get all the medical lab tests required by your surgeon

How do I prepare for a lower body lift?

  • Here is how you can prepare yourself for a lower body lift surgery:
    • Quit smoking and drinking a few weeks prior to the surgery.
    • Alter your current medications as per your surgeon’s instructions.
    • Do not consume any blood-thinning medications or supplements.
    • Arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery.
    • Take your work leave in advance, so you have adequate time to rest.

What should I pack in my hospital bag for body lift surgery?

  • Here are a few of the important items that should go into your hospital bag:
    • Your Compression garments (Usually supplied by your surgeon)
    • Change of comfortable clothing that is easy to take on and off
    • A water bottle and a few snacks
    • Slippers
    • Toiletries
    • Skin Moisturizer
    • Any lab reports your surgeon requires
    • Chargers for your devices
    • Hand towel

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Am I the right candidate for body lift surgery?

  • To determine whether you are the right candidate for body lift surgery or not, book a consultation with the surgeon today. Simply give us a call or email or fill out the consultation form, and our team will contact you shortly.

Body Lift FAQs about the Surgery

What’s involved in a body lift?

  • A complete body lift involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue from the midsection, arms, breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks. It gives your entire body a toned and tight appearance.

How long does a body lift take?

  • The body lift surgery can take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours to complete.

How much weight will I lose after an extended tummy tuck – abdominoplasty?

  • You can expect to lose around 5 to 10kg after a body lift procedure depending on the amount of excess skin and tissue that needs to be removed.

Questions about Body Lift Recovery

How long does it take to recover from a full-body lift?

  • Most patients are able to return to their normal activities two to four weeks after the body lift surgery. However, complete recovery can take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

What is the recovery time for a body lift?

  • Most patients recover completely in about six to eight weeks after the surgery.

How do you sleep after a lower body lift?

  •  Sleep on your back. Keep your legs and head elevated with the help of a couple of pillows.

Do compression garments help tighten skin?

  •  Compression garments will control the initial swelling and bruising that is common after any surgical procedure. They have no effect on skin tightening, however. They are a vital part of your recovery and optimal results.

How long does it take to recover from a full-body lift?

  •  You can go back to work within 14 days after the surgery depending on your occupation. Duration of complete recovery can vary from person to person. Typically, it takes anywhere from six to eight weeks for a patient to recover fully. Avoid strenuous work and exercise for as long as possible to give yourself the best healing opportunities.

How do you sleep after a lower body lift?

  •  Sleep on your back and keep your head and legs in an elevated position with the help of a few pillows.

How long do you wear a compression garment after lower body lift?

  •  It is advised to wear a compression garment for a minimum of six weeks after the lower body lift.

How long after a body lift surgery can I stand up straight?

  • It varies from patient to patient, but most patients can stand up straight within a week of the surgery.

What do you eat after a body lift?

  • Drink plenty of fluids and water to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and superfoods.

When can I start smoking after the surgery?

  • Avoid smoking for a period of at least six to eight weeks or as per your surgeon’s instructions as it can significantly hinder the healing process. Smoking after surgery will heavily impact the quality of your results. Stop Smoking!

Can I suntan after body lift surgery?

  • Tanning isn’t that great for the long-term health of your skin. Sun tanning immediately after the surgery can lead to discolouration, darkening of scars and scar growth. Avoid tanning for a minimum of six to eight weeks. When you go out in the sun, make sure you wear an SPF.

Body Lift FAQs about Concerns & Risks

How painful is a body lift?

  •  Body lift is performed under general anaesthesia, so you won’t do anything during the procedure. However, during the recovery process, you might feel a bit of pain and discomfort that can be countered with pain killers Dr Carmen will prescribe for you.

How painful is a lower body lift?

  • You will not feel a thing during the surgery as it is performed under general anaesthesia. After the surgery, you will be given a handful of painkillers to minimize pain. The recovery process will be uncomfortable but not painful.

Is a body lift surgery safe?

  • All surgery has risks and like any other surgical procedure, a body lift has its own set of risks and concerns. Read the page on complications and risks of surgery. However, if you choose the right surgeon and adhere to all the pre and post-surgery instructions, it is generally regarded as a safe procedure.

What are some possible risks associated with a body lift?

  • Every surgery comes with a certain set of risks and complications. Some of them include bleeding, fluid accumulation, infection, scars, numbness, and blood clotting.

Will the body lift leave scars on my body?

  • Yes, you will have scars over your body. They usually fade over time. Although, Dr Carmen will take special care to minimize their appearance. Once you are fully healed, you can discuss your scar minimisation options with dermal treatments.

How do I reduce scar tissue after a body lift?

  • Choose a specialist plastic surgeon and body lift expert
  • Follow all the post-care instructions closely
  • Avoid using any products or clothing that can lead to irritation.
  • Wear sunscreen and prevent direct sun exposure.
  • Do not skip on topical treatments recommended by your surgeon.
  • Keep your skin moisturized at all times.

Can I gain weight after a body lift?

  • Yes, you can gain weight after a body lift procedure. Hence, it is advised to eat healthily and live an active lifestyle to prevent any excessive weight gain. You may need further excess skin reduction if you gain and lose more weight.

Can I become pregnant after a body lift?

  • Yes, you can become pregnant after a body lift. It is recommended to get a body lift surgery after you have had kids, but you can become pregnant after the surgery as well.

Funding Your Body Lift Surgery

Is a body lift covered by Medicare and Health insurance?

  • Yes, the body lift can be covered by Medicare and health insurance because it is not performed only for aesthetic reasons but also due to hygiene and medical reasons. You will need to meet the strict Medicare Item Number definitions.

Does health insurance cover loose skin surgery?

  • Yes, most insurance will cover loose skin surgery if the procedure has a Medicare code. You will also need to have the right level of cover. Enquire with your Health Fund.

How much does Body lift Surgery cost?

  • Every body lift patient is different and can have up to 10 major skin reduction procedures depending on the extent of surgery required, please contact Dr Carmen’s team for an estimate of body lift price in Melbourne. Visit the Medicare page and the payment plans & medical finance page for more information about funding your surgery. Some patients also withdraw money from their super funds to pay for this life-saving surgery.

If you have any other Body lift FAQs – please call Dr Carmen’s team.

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