Exercising After Labiaplasty – Best Tips

Labiaplasty is a surgical technique that alters the appearance of your vagina and reduces the size of labia minora. It is a quick procedure that is completed in less than an hour and is generally performed on an outpatient basis. However, the procedure requires the right preparation and you need to follow the post-surgical instructions for optimal recovery. Most patients are eager to return to their exercise routine almost immediately after the surgery. However, there is a right time and right way to do it. Dr Carmen Munteanu is a top Melbourne Plastic Surgeon and an expert on Labia Surgery. Here are her tips for exercising after Labiaplasty.

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DISCLAIMER – Always follow the advice of your Labiaplasty surgeon. Here are some useful ideas to help but every patient is different and this is general information – not specific medical advice for you.

Preparing For Labiaplasty

All great things start with preparation. The right preparation will allow you to recover quickly after surgery and get started on your exercise routine. Consider the following aspects:

1. Get Healthier before surgery

Most people start eating healthy after the surgery to kick start their recovery process. However, doing it in advance will get you started on the right note. Aim at sleeping 8 hours a day, eat home-cooked meals which includes plenty of protein, and drink loads of water to keep you hydrated. Keeping a check on your lifestyle will ensure that your body is prepared and ready for the labia surgery.

2. Take a Break

You will need to rest and take some time off from work. Take at least one week off from work so you can rest adequately before getting back to work.;

3. Preparing Your Recovery Space

Purchase all your prescribed medications in advance and place them on a table beside your bed. Buy groceries, do a bit of meal prep in advance so you can rest with ease and have everything in your house.

4. Remove Pubic Hair

It is a good idea to get your pubic region waxed or shaved a few days before the surgery so that you don’t have to worry about it during the healing phase.

Labiaplasty Exercise Timeline

Now, let’s get started on the part that you are waiting for. The right way to exercise post labiaplasty surgery:

1 to 3 Days after Labiaplasty Surgery

You are likely to have some mild discomfort during this time frame. Keep taking all the meds given by your surgeon to manage the pain. It is common to have mild bruising and swelling. Aim at resting adequately as it will help you recover. You can walk lightly around the house for a short time each day.

1 Week after Labiaplasty Surgery

At this point, you will not need any pain medication and will feel a lot better. You can easily do light housework and increase the duration of your walks up to thirty minutes. After walking, you may feel a slight itching sensation on the treatment site. Avoid scratching the area and use a cold compress instead. You may also use a topical ointment on the treatment site.

3-4 Weeks after Labiaplasty Surgery

At this point, your incisions have probably healed fully and your stitches should have dissolved completely. You can take up more active forms of exercise after consulting with your surgeon. Upper body workouts are generally alright to do at this point. Any exercises that do not put pressure on your incisions or vaginal area can be done at this point. Avoid using tampons and engaging in sexual intercourse.

6 – 8 Weeks after Labiaplasty Surgery

Most patients are almost fully healed by now. Most of the swelling and bruising will be completely gone by the eight-week marker. You can do all kinds of exercises at this point. Make sure to get the final all-clear from your surgeon. You can start lifting weights, doing high impact exercises, stretching and anything which you wish to include in your routine.

Tips to Recover Quicker and get back to Exercising after Labiaplasty

Following are the tips that can help you recover faster post labiaplasty:

1. Medications/ Follow Up Appointments

The most important aspect of recovery is certainly resting and taking the medications that will be prescribed by Dr Carmen and attending the follow-up visits. If you take the meds on time and visit the surgeon during follow up appointments, your recovery will be faster.

2. Cold Compress

An amazing way to relieve discomfort and swelling is by using a cold compress on the treatment site. Do not apply ice directly to the surgical site as you can “ice burn” yourself. Always wrap it up in a towel and do it for a few minutes at a time. You will still be pretty numb so be very careful.

3. Eat healthy – Watch your Food and Liquid Intake

We are what we eat and it can affect how well we recover. Your body needs the right nutrients to recover and maintain great health. Include protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy carbohydrates in your diet along with drinking lots of fluids and water. Make sure all your meals are low in sodium and not all processed. Include lots of fibers.

4. Smoking/Drinking

Cigarettes and alcohol can really hinder your recovery process and can cause complications. Hence, surgeons will advise you to quit both six weeks before and after the surgery. Both alcohol and cigarettes can increase the chances of bruising and swelling. There is also more risk of necrosis – tissue death. Don’t Smoke! Find out the Impact of Smoking on your Surgery Results.

5. Strenuous Exercising

Make sure you follow the exercise timeline when it comes to exercising – start gently. Also, check with your surgeon to find out when to return to your exercise routine. During the first four weeks, avoid all sorts of high-impact, strenuous workouts as they can do more harm than good. Wait till you are fully healed before working out.

6. Lubricant may help

Use a lubricant to keep the stitches moist for at least the first two weeks post-surgery. It will keep the treatment site well moisturized and prevent scab formation. Always take special care that your hands are very clean before applying the lube to avoid any kinds of infections.

7. Adequate Rest

Rest is a critical part of a smooth recovery after labiaplasty. Aim at sleeping for at least 8 hours per day and nap whenever you feel tired throughout the day. Your body has undergone an invasive procedure and needs time to heal.

8. Avoid Bathing/Swimming/Hot Tubs for a while

Avoid immersing your body in water for longer durations. So hot tubs, swimming pools, and bathing must be avoided for at least a month after the surgery. Take a quick shower to clean yourself and immediately dry the area to avoid any infections.

9. Surgical Dressings

Your surgeon’s team will guide ow to take care of your incisions and how often do you need to change your dressings. While changing, lookout for any signs of infections, pus, blood, or odour. Immediately contact your surgeon if you suspect infection.

10. Choose the Right Clothes

This is one aspect that most people ignore post-surgery. Get yourself some loose, comfortable and breathable clothes that are easy to take on and off. Avoid anything too rough or too tight as it can irritate the treated area.

11. Move and Walk – Gently!

While rest is important, walking for a few minutes every day is too. It helps promote blood circulation in your body and prevents blood from clotting. All in all, it will give your recovery process a much-needed boost. Slowly increase the duration of your walks. Do not push yourself too hard.

12. Avoid Constipation

Try your best to avoid constipation as it can put stress on your incisions. Eat easy-to-digest foods that are loaded with fibre. If need be, use a probiotic or stool softener/laxative as per your surgeon’s recommendation.

13. Sleeping on your back

Sleep on your back for at least a week. Place a pillow underneath your buttocks to avoid discomfort. Aim at sleeping for at least 8 hours per night and nap throughout the day as needed.

14. Take care of your Incisions

Take care of your incisions as per your surgeon’s instructions. Make sure to keep the area clean and dry, change the dressings as directed and look out for any signs of infections. If you notice any, immediately contact your surgeon.


Exercising After Labiaplasty FAQs

How long is the labiaplasty recovery?

  • Labiaplasty is a safe, and effective procedure. It involves a recovery period of four to six weeks. It is important to remember that each individual is different and heals at a different pace.

When can I go back to exercising after labiaplasty surgery?

  • You can get back to your complete exercise routine around six weeks after the labiaplasty surgery.

When can I have sex after labiaplasty surgery?

  • It is best to avoid having sexual intercourse for at least six to eight weeks after labiaplasty surgery or till your surgeon gives you the OK.

When can I start walking post labiaplasty?

  • You can start walking lightly around the house almost immediately after the surgery. It is recommended to do so to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clotting.

How can I best prepare for the Labiaplasty surgery?

  • Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the surgery;
    • Get all the lab tests done in advance.
    • Buy all the medications ahead of time.
    • Purchase groceries and meal prep in advance.
    • Take a week off from work.
    • Prepare your resting space in advance.
    • Get your hands on some loose comfortable clothing.
    • Follow the exercise timeline given by your surgeon.

What will the pain be like after Labiaplasty surgery?

  • You won’t experience any significant pain after surgery if you take your medication regularly. You might experience a bit of discomfort but it won’t last for more than three days.

When can I shave or wax after labiaplasty surgery?

  • It is best to avoid shaving for at least six weeks or till you are completely healed to avoid any risk of infections.

Can I wear a tampon after labiaplasty?

  • You shouldn’t wear a tampon for at least six weeks after labiaplasty surgery. Avoid wearing tight clothing items as well.

Are there any food items I should avoid post labiaplasty?

  • Yes, best to stay clear of anything heavily processed and excessively salty. It can lead to constipation and swelling. Avoid drinking alcohol as well.

What type of underwear should I wear post labiaplasty?

  • For the first three to four weeks, stay clear of thongs and tight underwear. Invest in loose, cotton undies and wear them till you are fully healed.

How long will the swelling last after labiaplasty surgery?

When will my vagina start to look normal after labiaplasty?

  • Your vagina will start to look fairly normal in about a week after labiaplasty surgery.

How long will my labiaplasty incisions take to heal?

  • It will take about two to three weeks for your incisions to heal completely after the surgery. During this time, keep the treatment site clean and dry. Avoid bathing, swimming, using hot tubs and visiting saunas during this time.

Are vaginoplasty and labiaplasty the same procedures?

  • No, these two are distinctly different procedures. Vaginoplasty is aimed at tightening up the vagina while labiaplasty corrects labia minora & majora. Some people can get these procedures done at the same time but they are different surgeries aimed at correcting different parts of the vagina.

Can I play sports after labiaplasty?

  • Avoid playing sports for at least a period of four to six weeks after labiaplasty surgery. Once you are fully healed, you can play as usual.

When can I start stretching after labiaplasty?

  • Most patients can start stretching after four weeks after labiaplasty. Do not start stretching before that as it can put pressure on incisions.

How much can I walk after labiaplasty?

  • You can start walking for ten to fifteen minutes per day almost immediately after labiaplasty. Avoid overexertion.

How do I maintain results of labiaplasty?

  • Lucky for you, the results of labiaplasty are permanent and you don’t have to do anything special to maintain the results.

How should I sleep after labiaplasty?

  • Sleep straight on your back with a pillow underneath your buttocks. Keep sleeping in this position for at least a week or two.

When can I return to work after labiaplasty?

  • Most patients can return back to work for at least a week after labiaplasty surgery. It is best to rest as much as you possibly can during this time frame.

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