Breast Implant Removal FAQs – Dr Carmen’s Best Answers to your Questions about Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal FAQs – Common Questions about Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Here are Dr Carmen Munteanu’s answers to the most common questions about Breast Implant Removal – Breast Implant Removal FAQs.

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Can you leave breast implants in forever?

  • Technically, Yes. You can leave in breast implants forever (but it is not recommended), provided you are not facing any medical problems. For most people, breast implants last 10 to 20 years or above without any problems.

Do you have to change your breast implants every ten years?

  • It is recommended that you change implants every ten years, as the long term complication rate increases significantly after that. So, it is a good idea to do so every ten years.

What happens if you don’t replace breast implants?

When should you have breast implants removed?

  • FDA USA recommends switching out implants every ten years, although some modern implants can last longer.

How often should breast implants be checked?

  • You should get your implants checked yearly to every 2 to 3 years.

How do you remove saline breast implants?

  • You need to book a consultation with a breast implant removal surgeon. The implants can be deflated and removed.

Should I get my breast implant removed?

  • Generally speaking, if they are not causing you any health problems you can leave them in.

Do breast implant capsules need to be removed?

  • It varies from person to person. Some patients require the removal of implant capsules, while others do not.  Some patients insist on Enbloc or total capsure removal. Schedule a virtual consultation with the surgeon to know what works best for you.

Which celebrities have removed their breast implants?

  • Heather Morris, Victoria Beckham, Heidi Montag, Melissa Gilbert and Adrienne Bailon, along with many other celebrities, removed with their breast implants.

Questions about issues and concerns with Breast Implants

Can breast implants cause fatigue?

  • If your silicone implants rupture, it can cause problems like extreme pain and fatigue.

Can breast implants cause mental health problems?

  • No, there is no association between breast implants and mental health problems.

Can breast implants cause weight gain?

  • Many women feel that they have gained weight after the procedure. This is expected due to the weight of implants.

Can breast implants last 30 years?

  • Yes, they can last for 30 years, but it is advised to switch them out every ten years.

Can free silicone be detoxed after the removal of breast implants?

  • Yes, silicone toxicity can occur due to the presence of implants, not the absence of them. There is no evidence that they can occur after the removal of implants.

Do breast implants cause autoimmune disease?

How do you know you have breast implant illness?

  • If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms; fatigue, pain, cognitive problems, burning sensation in the chest, dry eyes, and joint pain, and you think you can suffer from Breast Implant Illness you should see your GP and possibly a Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns.

What are the chances of getting breast implant illness?

  • Based on the cases currently reported, 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 86,000 suffer from breast implant illness. So, it is a very rare condition.

Will I feel better after breast implant removal?

  • It is good to be aware that breast implant removal will take several weeks to heal. Some patients feel really good if they have been struggling with breast implant illness, but if there is perhaps another underlying condition that is just developing, they can feel that the symptoms will return after a while.

What happens if I remove my breast implants?

  • Depending on your age, you might experience sagging and deflation of your breasts. You can discuss this aspect in advance with your surgeon to check your options. Moreover, you might feel healthier if you have been battling the symptoms of breast implant diseases.
Breast Implant removal FAQs

Questions about the Breast Implant Removal Surgery Procedure

How are breast implants removed?

  • The surgeon will try to not make a new incision but go with the previous one if adequate to remove the implant. The breast capsule is removed as well, partially or totally. Samples will be sent to pathology to check for microorganisms and confirm the benign nature of the capsule. The surgeon will close the incision with the sutures. If a lift is needed at the same time, the incision will be customized to accommodate that.

Where will the Breast Implant Removal surgery be performed?

  • The surgeon will perform the surgery at the centre, hospital or operating room facility. This is done to ensure that is done in proper conditions and in case of any emergency, the facility is well equipped.

What are my options for pain relief during Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

  • Well, the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and you won’t feel a thing. After the surgery, the surgeon will give you pain killers to prevent and treat pain.

How long does implant removal surgery take?

  • Breast implant removal surgery can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours.

How do I prepare for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery - impact
  • Here is how to prepare for your surgery:

Is Breast Implant removal a day surgery, or will I be admitted overnight?

  • Most of the time, the surgery is performed during the day, and you will be allowed to go home the same day. In some cases, the surgeon might admit you overnight.

What is en bloc breast implant removal?

What is involved in breast implant removal?

  • The surgeon will create an incision in the fold of your breast or around the areola. Then, the surgeon will remove the implant (in some cases, the contracture as well), and close the stitches.

Questions about Recovery After Breast Implant Removal

How long is recovery after breast implant removal?

How much time will I need off work for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

  • You can return to work in about five to seven days after the surgery, but ideally, you should have at least 2 weeks off lo allow to look after yourself.

What exercise can I do after Breast Implant Removal surgery?

  • You can resume your normal exercise routine about six weeks after the surgery, but you can start gentle exercises and walk much sooner, you will need to talk to your surgeon.

When can I shower after Breast Implant Removal?

  • You can shower quite soon after the surgery,  as we use waterproof dressings, but you will have to protect your incisions.

When can I drive after Breast Implant Removal?

  • You can resume driving about one week after the surgery.

How can I minimise the likelihood of scars after Breast Implant Removal?

  • Here are a few steps that will help minimise the scars:
    • Wear a sports bra
    • Apply tape and silicone treatments to the scars once you are fully healed, as instructed
    • Avoid smoking
    • Eat healthily and drink loads of water
    • Avoid direct sun exposure and use sunscreen

When will I see the final result after Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

  • You can expect to see full results about 6 to 9 months once you are healed, swelling resolves, the tissues expand, breast tissue that was compressed by the implant and re-establishes a new shape.

How long is recovery after explant surgery?

  • You can recover within six to eight weeks after the surgery, but the final results will take longer.

How can I massage my breast after explant surgery?

  • Here is how to massage your breasts:
    • Push your breasts at the middle of your chest with crisscross hands and repeat a few times
    • Place your hands vertically on your breasts and squeeze gently. Repeat a few times.

How do you sleep after an explant surgery?

  • Sleep on your back 8 to 12 weeks after the surgery to avoid any excessive pressure on the treatment site.

How long after breast implant removal can I exercise?

  • You can exercise six to eight weeks after the surgery.

How long does it take for breasts to fluff after explant?

  • This varies from person to person. Some patients experience fluffing of breasts immediately after the explant surgery, while others have to wait for six months to a year.

Can I sleep on my side after breast implant removal?

  • You shouldn’t sleep on your side for eight to twelve weeks after the surgery as it puts excessive pressure on the treatment site, however, you can have pillows to support you for ‘half side’.

Do breasts go back to normal after implant removal?

  • Yes, they will go to the new normal once the implants are removed.

How to tighten skin after breast implant removal?

How will my breast look after implant removal?

  • For most patients, the breasts will return back to normal after the Breast Implant Removal surgery. Others might experience sagging of boobs.

What bra to wear after breast implant removal?

When can I start jogging again after breast implant removal?

  • Wait for four to eight weeks after breast implant removal to resume any kind of exercise, including jogging.

Questions about the life after Breast implant Removal

Can scleroderma go away when breast implants are removed?

How long does it take to get pregnant after implant removal?

  • Implant removal has no impact on a women’s ability to conceive. You can get pregnant immediately after implant removal.

What happens to your body after implant removal?

  • You should feel completely normal once your implant is removed. For the first few days, you will experience pain which can be managed by pain killers.

How soon after implant removal will I ovulate?

  • You will start ovulating as soon as a month after implant removal.

What do breasts look like after implants are removed?

  • For most people, the breasts will return back to normal after the removal of implants. Some patients report excessive sagging, which can be improved with a breast lift procedure.

Will I need a breast lift after implant removal?

  • In some patients, the skin stretches out, and they need a breast lift. On the other hand, the breasts of some people will return back to normal, and they won’t need a breast lift.

Will my breasts sag after implant removal?

  • It depends, some patients experience sagging while others don’t. It depends on the elasticity of your skin.

How soon can you get pregnant after implant removal?

  • You can get pregnant as soon as your breast implants are removed.

Questions about risks & concerns about Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Is a breast lift necessary after implant removal?

  • No, it is not necessary to get a breast lift. It is completely optional. For some people, their breasts return back to normal, and they don’t experience sagging. If you experience sagging, a breast lift is always an option.

Is breast implant removal painful?

  • The pain is manageable. During the surgery, you will be under general anaesthesia, so you won’t feel a thing. After the surgery, your surgeon will give you pain killers as needed to counter pain.

Is breast implant removal safe?

  • Yes, breast implant removal is a completely safe procedure.

Can you get breast implants removed while pregnant?

Questions about funding your Breast Implant Removal

Does insurance pay for implant removal?

  • Yes, insurance will pay for implant removal if your implants are causing problems for your health.

Does Medicare cover ruptured breast implant removal?

  • Yes, Medicare covers ruptured breast implant removal as it can lead to serious health problems.

Will health insurance cover breast implant removal?

  • Yes, your health insurance will cover breast implant removal if it is deemed as a medical necessity.

Will Medicare pay to have breast implants removed?

Further Reading & Medical References

For more information about the Breast Implant Removal procedure visit Dr Carmen’s Breast Implant Removal webpage.

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