Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

Benefits of choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon for your Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons why patients prefer a female surgeon. You might feel more comfortable and supported when discussing your concerns with a female plastic surgeon who can really understand your challenges. Moreover, female plastic surgeons have the emotional capacity to empathise with your life-altering decision.

Once you have decided to get plastic surgery, the next most important decision is to find the best plastic surgeon. A top plastic surgeon will give you the necessary confidence to go into the surgery.  It is critical to have a look at your surgeon’s background and experience. You must be fully aware of the surgeon’s educational and results.

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Benefits of choosing a top female plastic surgeon:

Personal Preference & Comfort

  • The major reason why patients choose a female plastic surgeon is a personal preference. The goal here is to find a surgeon who makes you feel comforted and safe. If you feel comfortable around a woman surgeon, choosing a female surgeon will give a feeling of security. Make sure that the surgeon has the highest standards and understands your concerns and needs. Only go ahead with the surgery if you completely trust your surgeon. For many patients, it means selecting a female surgeon. Moreover, many women do not feel comfortable showing their breasts and intimate parts to male surgeons. It can be due to personal, cultural or religious reasons. In this case, a qualified female plastic surgeon is a great choice.

Female Surgeons have a deep awareness of Female Anatomy

  • Although there is no scientific study which proves that females are better surgeons than males. Many women find it comfortable to opt for a female surgeon. There is a belief that female surgeons have more knowledge about female anatomy than males due to their personal experience; such as how the body changes with age, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause etc. Most female patients can more easily express their concerns, show their problem areas to other women. Apart from this, women realize the importance of physical appearance in a female’s life and know how other females will react to certain changes.

More Empathy and Care

  • Many patients find female plastic surgeons are more empathetic towards body insecurities and understand the pressure on women to always look good. While men have a different kind of social pressure, women are constantly subjected to media-induced perfect looking bodies and faces. The pressure on women is very intense and only a female surgeon can understand it. Choosing a female surgeon ensures that all your insecurities and concerns will be handled with care and attention.

Better Understanding

  • A Personal Consultation is your time to openly discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Being completely open about your concerns, insecurities and expected results is key to a successful result. Now if you are not feeling comfortable with a male surgeon, the whole point of a consultation is lost. Hence, choosing a female plastic surgeon will help most patients. Studies show that female doctors spend more time talking to and listening to their patients than male surgeons. It not only offers comfort to patients but also clarifies any hesitation and confusion regarding the surgery and the post-op recovery period. It is extremely helpful for intimate surgeries like labiaplasty and breast procedures.

Intuitive Understanding

  • Women are extremely intuitive and perceptive. Having a strong intuition is in the DNA of every woman. This is not only a great quality to have in personal life but a great quality to have as a surgeon. It allows the surgeon to intuitively understand your concerns and expected changes.

Males also prefer Female Surgeons

  • It may or may not come as a surprise but often, males also prefer choosing a female plastic surgeon. The reason is that a female plastic surgeon offers more empathy, care and kindness to the patients which are a little difficult to receive from male surgeons. Moreover, men find it extremely tough to show their vulnerable emotional side to a man but they can easily show it to a woman. Men can openly discuss their deepest concerns with a female without the fear of being judged about their body insecurities and flaws.

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How to Choose the Best Surgeon in Melbourne, Victoria

Now that you have settled on a female plastic surgeon, here are a few tips to find the right one.

  • Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – Always, always, always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon that is a member of ASPS or ASAPS. This accreditation and membership means that the surgeon has had at least six years of surgical training with two or three years devoted specifically to plastic surgery, has passed rigorous oral and written examinations and has demonstrated safe and ethical surgical practice. Plastic surgery is a highly technical art form. It’s better to be well equipped by doing research than regretting your plastic surgery decision for the rest of your life. Avoid choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon who has not had the same accredited training and experience.
  • Using an Accredited Operating Facility – It is as important to have an accredited office facility as it is to have a board-certified surgeon. It ensures that the facility maintains strict standards when it comes to equipment, safety and staff members. Accredited facilities have less than 1% of serious complications and most have onsite backup in case of an emergency.
  • Ask the Right Questions – Surgeons must treat you holistically. If the surgeon asks you a lot of questions then you probably found the right one. They must know your medical history before getting into any questions related to cosmetic surgery. If the surgeon asks few questions about your medical records, it’s a red flag. Look elsewhere.
  • Stay Away From the Over- Promisers – We all have come across people who to oversell their services. Do you remember the time when you went to buy a black pair of jeans but ended up with a top, bag and matching shoes? And when you came home, you thought that person had some great selling skills. Some surgeons will do the same. It sounds very tempting to go ahead with another more complex procedure when there is a promise of great looks. But, we don’t recommend a surgeon who over promises.
  • Comfort is the Key – remember why most females prefer a female surgeon? The reason is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable with any surgeon, there is no point in going ahead with the surgery. You must be to discuss every concern freely. Your surgeon should look after you for the post-op and be available for long term followup.  Avoid “pop up” Cosmetic clinics with a fast-changing line up of dodgy doctors.

Benefits of choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon Melbourne Surgeon

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Before making the final decision, you must ask yourself the following questions:

Are you healthy and will you quit smoking and drinking before and after the procedure?

  • You can tell white lies to your friends and family about not smoking or drinking, or exercising hard but you cannot do that to your surgeon. The key to successful surgery lies in complete transparency from both ends. All major things such as surgery risks, complications and recovery period will be discussed. Having a healthy lifestyle and following your surgeons advice is a prerequisite for surgery.

Can I change my lifestyle to adapt to surgery?

  • It is perhaps the most important question that you need to ask yourself. Making changes to your lifestyle is hard. But, if you plan to undergo plastic surgery, there will be considerable downtime and you’ll need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly during the recovery period. For instance, you will have to quit smoking or drinking, some patients may need to lose weight before undergoing surgery. And, you’ll have to take some time off work to heal properly.

Are my expectations clear and realistic?

  • Unrealistic expectations are the root of all heartache. It is important to have realistic expectations regarding your surgery. Some people get inspired by looking at beautiful pictures and assume their results will be like the Instagram model they saw or their favourite celebrity.  However, it is often not the case. It is advised to visit a surgeon which offers the services of 3D Imaging. 3D imaging allows you to an idea of the post-operative results. Keep in mind that these results are helpful but not 100% accurate.

Am I making the change for myself?

  • Most people do not consider this question. However, it is very critical to think and analyze this aspect. Why are you getting plastic surgery in the first place? Is it to please yourself or someone else?  Most people get heavily influenced by others and decide to alter their appearance. Some people are bullied, some take Instagram comments too seriously and others simply listen to others. While all these things affect us as humans, one cannot make a life-altering decision based off of them. If you are opting for plastic surgery for your happiness, by all means, go ahead with your decision. If not, it’s time to opt-out of it.

Do I have enough knowledge about the plastic surgeon?

  • Knowing whether you wish to go for a male or a female surgeon is not enough. It’ll give you comfort if you choose the surgeon on a gender basis but it is not enough. You must ensure that the surgeon is board-certified and has years of experience in the particular domain of surgery. Always have a look at before and after photographs, and the facility. Once, you completely know and trust the capabilities of the surgeon, only then go forth with it.

Does my plastic surgeon know my medical history?

  • Make sure that your plastic surgeon is completely aware of your medical history. If you have any diseases, allergies or have had any previous work done, make sure to mention it to your surgeon. When it comes to plastic surgery, each detail is very important and plays a part in your surgery as well as the recovery phase. Also, make it a point to discuss any medication you are currently taking. It also includes any vitamins, minerals and teas. Confirm from your doctor whether it is ok for you to keep using them or not. If not, ask for an alternative.

Do I have someone to take care of me?

  • You need a family member, friend or a supporter with you especially if you are undergoing major surgery. Think about the recovery scenarios. Who will drive you to the hospital? Who will drive you home? Who will be there to support and assist you after the surgery?  In case you are on bed rest or have special dietary needs, who will take care of that? Can you take time off work? Consider these aspects and plan your surgery accordingly. Most of the time, patients are too caught up in the excitement of the surgery that they forget to plan for a great recovery.

Whether you decide on a male or female surgeon, make sure you choose the right one. While opting for a female plastic surgeon certainly has its benefits,  it’s less important to emphasise the gender of a surgeon  than the experience and expertise of the surgeon. Last, but not the least, do not choose anyone you are not 100 percent comfortable with.

Always trust your instinct and back it up with good research. If you have any other questions regarding the selection of a surgeon, please call one of our team members will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you can also fill out the form below.

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