Labiaplasty FAQs – Dr Carmen’s Best Answers to your Questions about Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty FAQs – 62 Most Common Questions about Labiaplasty & Labia Reduction

Dr Carmen Munteanu is a Female Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne and an expert at Labiaplasty and Breast/Body Surgery. Here are her answers to all your Labiaplasty FAQs. Please visit the Labiaplasty Surgery page or have a look at Dr Carmen’s Labiaplasty Results – Real Patient Before and After Photos

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What is feminine rejuvenation?

  • Female rejuvenation is an ideal treatment for women looking to aesthetically transform their intimate regions. The process reduces, reshapes, and tightens female genital tissues to restore a youthful appearance.

How common is labiaplasty surgery?

  • Female genital cosmetic surgery is on the rise worldwide. Out of all the FGCS procedures, Labiaplasty is the most common one.

Who does labiaplasty surgery?

  • Plastic surgeons, as well as some gynecologists, perform labiaplasty surgery. You should avoid any undertrained doctors – so called ‘cosmetic surgeons’

What is a “Normal Labia”?

  • If you have a labia, chances are it’s pretty normal regardless of the fact that it’s long, short, lumpy, smooth, small or big. If you do not have any medical concerns, your labia is normal regardless of how it looks.

What does Labiaplasty Address?

  • Labiaplasty is aimed at decreasing the size of the inner tissues of the genitalia, so it is flushed with the outer part of the genitalia.

What is a Perfect looking Labia?

  • There is no such thing as a perfect-looking labia unless you are experiencing any medical concerns. Of course, there are ways to enhance it with Labiaplasty and make it look good as per your aesthetics.

Why is Labiaplasty Controversial?

  • It is considered controversial because it is aimed at altering the appearance of female genitalia. Unfortunately, anything about female genitalia is considered to be controversial in the world we live in. We believe in freedom of choice. If someone wishes to enhance the appearance of their labia, they should be able to it.

Should I get a Labiaplasty?

  • If you are extremely unhappy with the shape of your labia or face problems such as rubbing, chafing, prominence in clothes, difficulty in wearing certain underwear, tight clothing, swimming attire, or getting in the way with sex , then Labiaplasty is your best bet.

What is a bilateral labiaplasty?

  • It is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the skin surrounding the human vulva to make it more aesthetically appealing.

Why do you need Labiaplasty?

  • If you have any medical conditions such as infections or problems with intercourse due to excess skin, Labiaplasty becomes necessary. On the other hand, if you simply wish to improve the appearance of your labia, Labiaplasty is the way to go.

How common is Labiaplasty?

  • It is very common. In fact, it is the most common of all FGCS procedures.

How do you get a labiaplasty?

  • First things first, you need to look for a fully trained surgeon in your area. He/She will determine whether you are the right candidate for surgery or not. If everything goes well, you will be called in for the surgery.


Questions About Suitability for a Labiaplasty – Am I a good candidate?

How do I know if I need a labiaplasty?

  • You should get Labiaplasty if you have concerns with the functioning of labia tissue, experience discomfort while having sex or don’t like the appearance of the vulva.

Is it normal to have extra skin down there?

  • Yes, it is fairly normal to have excess skin down there.

What causes growth in private parts?

  • Growth or genital warts in private areas are most commonly caused due to infections with the human papillomavirus (HPV). The shape and dimensions can also be influenced by hormonal changes.

Why would someone get a labiaplasty?

  • Most people get it to reduce the size of the labia and achieve a more aesthetically appealing vulva. Some people also get it because they are facing medical problems as a result of excess skin surrounding their vulva.

Who should not have a Labiaplasty?

  • You need to be in generally good health to undergo Labiaplasty. If you have any existing disease, it is best to avoid it. Plus, the patients need to be in a good mental state to get the operation.

Does Labiaplasty make you tighter?

  • No, Labiaplasty does not make you tighter.

Does Labiaplasty reduce sensation?

  • No, not at all. In fact, some women have reported experiencing an increased sensation after getting Labiaplasty done.

Can you have Labiaplasty while pregnant?

  • You can get it done. But surgeons generally advise waiting till childbirth to get Labiaplasty done.

How old do you have to be to get Labiaplasty?

  • Labiaplasty can be done on women of any age as long as they are not below 18.

Questions About Labiaplasty Surgery

Can you be awake during Labiaplasty?

  • Yes, Labiaplasty is sometimes done under local anesthesia if the patient feels more comfortable this way. So, you can be awake during the procedure. In other cases, your surgeon might recommend general anesthesia for added comfort.

Can Labiaplasty be done under local anesthesia?

  • Yes, it can be done under local anesthesia.

Does Labiaplasty require general anesthesia?

  • It is better for comfort, quick recovery and better results to have it done under general anaesthetic.

How is a labiaplasty performed?

  • Initially, the surgeon and the anaesthetist will administer the anesthesia, local or general. Depending on whether you are going for edge resection and wedge resection, the technique will differ slightly. The surgeon will remove excess skin and close it with dissolvable sutures.

Will I need to go under general anesthesia for a labiaplasty?

  • It can be performed with local anesthesia, however it is more comfortable to have it done under general anaesthetic.

Can Fat Transfer be added to Labiaplasty Procedure?

  • Yes, it can be added to your labiaplasty procedure if needed.

Questions about Recovery After Labiaplasty

Can you drive home after Labiaplasty?

  • Avoid driving yourself home. In fact, you should stay clear of driving till you don’t have to take pain killers to manage post-surgical pain.  If you have a general anaesthetic you cannot drive home.

How long does Labiaplasty take to heal?

  • It will take you anywhere between six to eight weeks to heal completely.

How painful is labiaplasty recovery?

  • The pain is bearable. Your surgeon will give you a handful of pain killers to counter pain.

When are sutures to be removed after Labiaplasty?

  • Most of the time, surgeons use dissolvable stitches, which will be gone by week three or four.

What is the After-Care for a Labiaplasty?

  • Generally, wash the incisions with a medicated soap and running water. Pat dry gently with a soft towel. Apply a thin layer of betadine or antibiotic ointment that will be provided at the time of surgery and use a pad before wearing your undergarments. Wear breathable, loose clothing.

When can Sexual Intercourse occur after Labiaplasty?

  • It is best to wait for six to eight weeks before engaging in any sexual activity.

Is a Labiaplasty Painful Afterwards?

  • The pain during the recovery phase of Labiaplasty is very manageable and can be countered with pain killers.

How long after Labiaplasty can I exercise?

How long after Labiaplasty can you wear jeans?

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans for at least eight weeks after the surgery.

When can you have sex after Labiaplasty?

  • It is best to wait for six to eight weeks before engaging in any sexual activity.

How long after Labiaplasty can I take a bath?

  • You can shower the next day after the surgery. Avoid jumping in pools and hot tubs for eight weeks after the surgery.

How long does it take for Labiaplasty to heal?

  • You can fully heal after a period of six to eight weeks after the surgery.

When do labiaplasty stitches fall out?

  • During Labiaplasty, the surgeon will use dissolvable stitches, which completely go away in about four weeks.

How to speed up labiaplasty recovery?

  • These are some tips to follow:
    • Do not skip the medications prescribed by your doctor.
    • Use ice to minimize swelling
    • Eat healthily and drink lots of fluids
    • Avoid smoking and drinking for a period of four weeks
    • Avoid having sex for six to eight weeks after the surgery
    • Do not shower for the first day after the surgery
    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing

What to wear after Labiaplasty?

  • Wear loose, breathable trousers and avoid wearing anything tight until you are fully healed.

Can strataderm be used on labiaplasty?

  • Yes, you can use it after Labiaplasty once you are fully healed, however there is not demonstrated benefit.

Can you drive home after Labiaplasty?

  • No, you shouldn’t drive home by yourself after Labiaplasty. Hence, arrange for someone to take you home in advance.

Questions About Risks & Concerns about Labiaplasty

Can Labiaplasty cause nerve damage?

  • Nerve damage is one of the risks associated with Labiaplasty. However with the right technique performed by the right surgeon and following all the pre and post-operative instructions carefully the risks can be very low.

Will I lose feeling if I have a labiaplasty?

  • No, you will not experience any loss of feeling in the labia area after surgery.

Will my labiaplasty scars be visible?

  • The scars after Labiaplasty are very tiny and usually well hidden by the surgeon. They typically fade away on their own. Moreover, your surgeon will give you topical treatments for removing scars.

Will a labiaplasty affect my sensitivity?

  • No, it will have no impact on sensitivity.

Does Labiaplasty affect childbirth?

  • Labiaplasty is focused on the outer appearance and features of the vagina, so it will have no impact on a woman’s birthing experience.

Will I lose feeling if I have a labiaplasty?

  • No, you will not lose any feeling after Labiaplasty.

Does Labiaplasty affect sensation?

  • No, Labiaplasty is focused on the outer appearance and features of the vagina. So, it won’t impact sensation.

How painful is Labiaplasty?

  • You won’t feel any pain during the procedure as it is performed under local/general anesthesia. After the procedure, your surgeon will give you painkillers to counter pain.

Can you give birth after Labiaplasty?

  • Of course, you can give birth after Labiaplasty.

Can Labiaplasty cause nerve damage?

  • Nerve damage is one of the risks associated with Labiaplasty. However, if you choose the right surgeon and adhere to pre and post-surgery instructions, you can greatly minimize the risk.

How safe is Labiaplasty?

  • It is considered to be a fairly safe procedure.

Does Labiaplasty leave scars?

  • Labiaplasty does leave very tiny scars, which typically fade over time. You can also use the scar removal treatments once you are fully healed to speed up the process.

Questions about Funding Your Labiaplasty

Does medicare cover labiaplasty?

  • Medicare will only cover the cost of Labiaplasty if your doctor deems it a medical necessity and you meet the strict criteria. If you are getting it done for purely aesthetic reasons, medicare will not cover the costs.

Can Labiaplasty be covered by medicare?

  • Yes, it can be covered by medicare if it is deemed as a medical necessity and fits the specific criteria designed by Medicare.

How do you get Labiaplasty covered by insurance?

  • If your doctor considers the procedure to be a medical necessity, your insurance will usually cover the surgery if you have the right level of cover. Please contact your fund in advance. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

When is Labiaplasty considered medically necessary?

  • Labiaplasty is considered to be a medical problem in certain circumstances. This can only be determined by your doctor or surgeon.

Will health insurance cover a labiaplasty?

  • Yes, health insurance will cover Labiaplasty if it fits the medicare criteria. If you are getting the surgery done to simply improve the appearance of female genitalia, then insurance will not pay for it.

Is Labiaplasty worth it?

  • Whether you are getting it done to get rid of medical problems or to make your vulva appear aesthetically pleasing, it is definitely worth it. If it fixes your problems and makes you feel confident, by all means, go ahead with it.

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