Best Weight Loss Surgery Websites, Forums & Resources

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TOP Australian Weight Loss Surgery Websites, Forums & Resources for Obesity Surgery Patients

You must be wondering about your weight loss surgery options, weight loss surgeons, and the experiences of other patients. Finding all the information about weight loss surgery can get quite overwhelming. In this article, we have covered a list of the weight loss surgery websites, forums, and resources that will help you out on your journey.

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If you are looking for a list of the best obesity professionals and weight loss surgeons in Australia, New Body Specialists is the place to look. On their website, you can find Weight Loss Doctors, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Bariatric Surgeons, Specialist Plastic Surgeons, and Allied Health Professionals. The NBS blog talks comprehensively on the subject of weight loss, stories and various elements associated with it.

This is a helpful website for people struggling with their weight. There is loads of information on the site ranging from healthy diets to lifestyle and even some handy tips. The website also features an extensive directory where you can find exercise classes, dance classes, retreats, cooking lessons, and much more.

This website is specifically designed for people on their weight loss journey. They carry numerous products such as protein supplements, portion plans, fibre supplements, meal replacements, books, kits, vitamins, and more to help you be on track. They also come up with different deals every now and then that help you get hands-on your favourite products at a fraction of a cost.

The website is aimed at people undergoing bariatric surgery. They have different products that keep you motivated through your weight loss journey. Their store carries t-shirts, hoodies, journals, supplements, shopping lists, meal planners, and much more. All the products keep you motivated through the process of reaching your goal.

Bariatric Pantry is exactly what it says; a pantry for people undergoing bariatric surgery. You will find everything on their website; foods, snacks, vitamins, accessories, and more. They often come with specials and bundle deals that get the most bang for your buck and keeps you motivated.

This is the Victorian government’s complete and compact guide on bariatric surgery, which is ideal if you are looking for a quick read without missing out on any information. It covers the calculation of BMI, surgical techniques, long-term solutions, online help options, and forums, as well as important points to keep in mind before getting surgery. If you are not big on going through numerous articles and talking to people, this one will give you a fairly clear and realistic look into the surgery.

This Government supported bariatric surgery website covers all the aspects of the surgery. This guide starts with the basics of surgery, what it is and who should get it, different techniques of the procedure, expectations, risks and complications associated with the surgery, and alternatives. At the end of the guide, they also share links to valuable resources in case you would like to read further on the subject. It is a must-read if you are a complete newbie to the weight loss surgery world and looking to learn a bit more.

If you are looking for a place to find dietitians, consultations, and online referrals, this is an amazing platform. Their services include nutrition for children and teenagers, nutrition for ageing, and most importantly, nutrition for bariatric surgery. They have a blog section on their website as well, which covers a number of weight loss and nutrition topics and helps you learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle.

Light and easy is a meal delivery service which is ideal for anybody that you need to lose weight. They have been rated No.1 in Canstar Blue’s ‘Healthy Meal Delivery’ services for the last two consecutive years. They are primarily known for their taste, quality, variety, freshness, and customer satisfaction. All of which goes in your favour.



The website talks about the benefits and cons of undergoing bariatric surgery. You will find everything from determining whether you are the right candidate or not, comparison of procedures, how to minimize costs, and even how to alter your lifestyle post-surgery.

As evident from the name, obesity coverage provides a complete guideline about bariatric surgery. All the information is accurate and authoritative. They also list some authentic experiences of people, which can help people considering the surgery immensely. It is a great resource for anyone battling obesity.

Bari builder is a one-stop solution for learning all about bariatric surgery. Their goal is to give you as much information on the subject as they possibly can. The website has two main sections; a blog and an online store. Blog talks all about weight loss surgery, before and after, maintenance, and more. The online store varies protein products that are ideal for people trying to lose weight.

As evident from the name, DS Facts talks all about Duodenal Switch. It includes information on life after DS, inspirational stories from people, FAQs, complete pre and post-operation care. They also have extensive articles which will help you learn more about the procedure and get yourself prepared.

Obesity is catered to providing support for patients who are dealing with life-threatening obesity. It is a community made to empower obese patients. The community has over 800,000 patients, 4000 bariatric surgeons, 1600 plastic surgeons, and over 11000 allied health pros. It is a big community made to feel you at home and get all the support you ever needed.

If you have been considering a one-stop solution to obesity, news articles, facts, statistics, treatment options, and a list of surgeons, an obesity reporter has got you covered. It gives you a complete insight into all the aspects of surgery, from financing to actual procedures and different kinds of surgeries you can get.

American Bariatric is another support group for bariatric patients that is free to join from anyone around the world. You can research articles, pictures from authentic faces that you can connect with. You can talk about anything and everything from recipes to hobbies to support groups’ specific to your cities and all that jazz.

The gastric guru is literally your guru online. You can find all the information about weight loss surgery here, including in-depth guidance articles that help you prepare for the entire process and gives you a very realistic insight on what to expect. It is the most detailed resource ever, covering everything from costs to packing for the hospital, mental health, health benefits, and more.

Bari Builder lists all the best weight loss surgery forums to join if you are looking for a community for support and insight into weight-loss surgical procedures. It also lists some Facebook groups in case you are a more social media person than an online forum person. We all need support in life, especially when we are trying to make a change in our health and lifestyle.

As obvious from the name, a healthy weight forum is all about living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight. They cover nearly everything from calorie calculators to weight loss visual hacks, reviews of diets, BMI calculators, weight trackers, and much more. Think of it as the chaos of weight loss murmur made elegant in a single place.


If you are looking for some motivation, lifestyle management, and weight management in regards to bariatric surgery, bariatric cookery has got you covered. You can choose a variety of options, from cooking books to bariatric-friendly food options. There are numerous bariatric-friendly recipes, exercise options as well as facts about the surgery itself.

Thinner times is a forum that helps people dealing with weight loss and weight loss surgeries, connect and learn from their experiences. You can find friends and mentors, exchange goods and clothing items, and discuss the tea regarding weight loss surgery. All in all, it is a great place to find facts about the surgery or overall weight loss journey from real people.


Now that we have covered all the important websites you need to go through if you are considering weight loss surgery, have done, or just preparing for it, it’s time to read some of the best articles on the subject. The internet is flooded with all sorts of information, and it is very hard to find good advice.


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Nothing is better than hearing another patient’s views about their weight loss experience. You can go through these articles and learn about authentic patient stories. It will give you a very real insight into the procedure and will help you make a wise decision.


Now that we have covered websites, forums, patient stories, it’s time to look into some phone apps that can help and support you.

Bariatric Pal

  • Bariatric pal is an amazing app for people going through a weight loss journey. Think of it as a powerful tool for fighting obesity. It is also recommended by surgeons worldwide. It offers social networking options, and supports weight loss surgery diets. You will also find plenty of strategies, tips, and nutrition.


  • It is a number one app store for bariatric patients. It tracks your journey, offers robust trackers, sets reminders, and tracks the journey. They offer nutrition and weight tracking, BMI, tracks inches, daily reminders for supplements, integration of various devices and gadgets, bite timers, and more.


Learn all about Medicare payments for weight loss surgeries, some tips, surgery financing and more.


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