Benefits of Motiva Implants and why Dr Carmen uses them

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Benefits of Motiva Implants – Safety, Types and Varieties

Getting a breast implant is a life-altering decision for most women. It can be quite difficult to choose the correct implant that matches your anatomy as well as your expectations. As breast implant manufacturers are implementing more advanced technology, the quality and feel of implants are now safer and more close to natural than ever. Motiva Implants, including Motiva Ergonomix, represent a new generation of breast implants.

With Dr. Carmen Munteanu’s 25 years of experience in breast augmentation and other types of breast plastic surgeries, now offering Motiva Implants – you are in good hands!

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About Motiva Implants

Recently one brand, in particular, is making very close to natural breast implants. You may have even heard its name; Motiva. This company has taken implants to a whole other level. These modern implants are now more ergonomic, safer, and longer-lasting.

Why Motiva Ergonomix and Motiva Round Implants Feel More Natural

Most women ask for a natural look when they undergo breast augmentation surgery. Whether you are a mum or an inspiring actress, a natural look is the most popular. Motiva implants offer a range of designs engineered specifically to imitate natural breasts. These implants mimic the same ergonomics as natural breasts and will move accordingly.

However, going natural doesn’t mean you cannot have that upper breast roundness or upper pole fullness if you wish to. Motiva implants have plenty of options to fit your criteria while still giving a natural feel.

Motiva Breast Implants – are they the safest breast implant?

Motiva implants, including the popular Motiva Ergonomix, are developed by Establishment Labs, prioritising patient safety. The implants are designed using a silicone-based elastomer shell. Motiva’s progressive gel composition makes it more elastic than other implants. They have three types of implants, all made with TrueMonobloc® shell design. This patented design allows the Motiva implants to be strong and durable, all the while retaining flexibility.

The implants are made of cohesive gel. So, even if they get ruptured, which is unlikely, the filler material does not disperse into the surrounding tissue, rather stays in the same area. 

To make the implants even safer, Motiva introduced its BluSeal® technology. This technology involves placing a patented barrier layer around the silicon gel. What this barrier does is prevent any silicon that’s inside the implants to leak outside.

Previously these were problems encountered in many breast implants. Motiva implant designs have successfully overcome them all.

Furthermore, Motiva implant surfaces currently have a zero risk of inducing ALCL, a type of lymphoma associated with textured implants. As concerns over the relationship between breast implants and breast cancers are rising, Motiva ensures that you stay safe from any potential disease.

Where are Motiva implants made?

Motiva implants are made in a highly equipped state-of-the-art facility in Costa Rica. All Motiva implants are strictly checked for their quality. Motiva has regulatory offices in the United States of America. The brand only distributes its implants to truly skilled surgeons.

The CEO of Motiva implants, Juan José Chacón Quirós compares their brand to “music to the Breast Aesthetics industry.” The company has 30 years of experience creating breast implants. Establishment Labs are one of the only companies to publish their third-party product validation results publicly, showing confidence in their products.

Located in Costa Rica’s central valley,  Establishment Labs operates complying with strict environmental laws and standards. Meaning, choosing Motiva is an environmentally correct decision as well.

Types of Motiva Implants

Motiva Implants are available in different types.

  • Motiva Round
  • Motiva  Ergonomix

These types are mainly broad classifications based on what type of design you want for your breasts.

Motiva Round Implant

The Motiva Round is made for firmness without compromising softness. The implant is for a fuller breast, highest projection, and a full upper portion.

This is an ideal choice for any young patient looking for fuller breasts. Especially if you are a model, actress, university student, or young mum the Motiva Round implant is perfect for you.

Its round shape provides maximum perkiness and the highest projection. Nevertheless, Motiva Round implants still feel natural as they are soft. The implants will move with you while you walk, jog or go for a full workout. These provide a great balance.

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Motiva Ergonomix Implant

The Motiva Ergonomix is designed to look, feel and move like regular breasts. It got its name from the ergonomic property of the device. The term ergonomic means the design is made to match human body structure and provide maximum comfort.

The Motiva Ergonomix is the first of its kind having ProgressiveGel Ultima filling. This material is extremely soft and behaves just like natural mammary tissue. Very few implants mimic natural breasts when upright, sideways, and lying down.

You will see the Motiva Ergonomix has a gentle curve when upright, and becomes full when in downright position. Just like normal breasts.

Why Dr Carmen Chooses Motiva Implants Blog on Dr Carmen Munteanu Site - Motiva Breast Implant Above a Block of Stone

Are Motiva implants textured or smooth implants?

Motiva implants use controlled surface technology to achieve a super smooth surface that will not create friction with your tissues.

A large risk with textured breast implants is that they create microtears and trauma to the surrounding tissue of whether they are placed. These tears and continuous trauma can lead to the development of long-term complications like BIA-ALCL.

Motiva implant surfaces are manufactured using advanced technology that allows for smooth movement of the tissue.

The manufacturing of Motiva Implant’s surfaces is completed in a single step, ensuring there is minimal manipulation of the shell. The controlled surface treatment is accomplished through Motiva 3D Inversion.

Moreover, Motiva Implants do not have any foreign body embedded in their surface. In your research on breast implants, you will see a lot of the other implants have foreign materials like salt or sugar embedded in their outer layer.

Motiva implants avoid such addition. Instead, the implant surfaces are nanosurface and microsurface. These have exponentially higher contact points per cm square than any other implants. Meaning they are very smooth to touch and feel natural.

This smooth surface plays another crucial role apart from feeling good. In most implants, the surface of the implants ripples when you move sideways, so you can see the wrinkles or ripples on the skin. The motiva implant surfaces are designed to be superior and they show much less rippling.

How much do Motiva implants weigh?

Typical breast implants weigh around 100gm to 320gm. The weights may vary depending on the design and structure. Motiva Implants are not too heavy or light, just the perfect size and weight that matches your body structure.

As Motiva provides a large variety of implant options to customize the device according to your body, the ultimate device that your surgeon uses will be very close to the real breast’s weight.

How Long Do Motiva Implants, Including Motiva Ergonomix, Last?

The life estimation of any implant is up for debate. It depends on the patient, their health, and surgical and post-surgical care. As Dr Carmen Munteanu is an excellent surgeon, you are in good hands.

However, there are still other factors to consider as well. The important thing to remember is to go for regular checkups to make sure everything is fine after your initial surgery.

Studies show they can last for more than 10 years. Not only these implants are long-lasting, but Motiva also offers warranties to their implants as well.

According to the Motiva website, Motiva silicone breast implants are covered by the always confident warranty against rupture for the lifetime of the device and by-product replacement policy in the event of capsular contracture Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years. Meaning, all Motiva implants are very well made and have minimal chances of rupture or causing capsular contractures. Even if that ever happens, the company will replace your implants.

How do Motiva implants really feel?

In a word, as natural as possible. The brand has invested a lot of time and effort to create a very natural feeling implant. You can hardly tell the difference.

The motiva implants use Progressive gel technology. These cohesive gels are silicon-based. By mastering the rheological properties of silicone gels, Motiva implant designers were able to mimic natural breast viscosity and elasticity.

What is Motiva Ergonomix?

Motiva Ergonomix is Motiva’s most popular implant type. This implant mimics natural breast shape and provides the highest level of comfort.

As discussed before, Motiva Ergonomix solves quite a few problems that most breast implant patients have faced. It reduces the risk of lymphoma, gives a natural look, and poses no problem with rotation. This is one of the best implants out there.

Do Motiva Implants rupture?

Many patients are concerned about implant rupture. While it is true that in the past there were many cases of implant rupture, but now there are few to none. The probability of implant rupture is very very low.

Even if the implants rupture somehow, the cohesive gel nature ensures that the implant’s content will not disperse in the body and will stay in the same place.

Nevertheless, all Motiva Implants come with an “Always Confident Warranty” against rupture of the device. So, you are all covered on that front.

How long are breast implants under warranty?

The amount of time covered by breast implant warranties differs among various companies. Some offer a long time and even life long warranty, while some do not.

Motiva implants offer several warranties for each device, extending from 2 years to 5 years,10 years, and lifetime. The warranties are all against different situations and complications. We advise that you read through all the available warranty options.

Can you keep your breast implants for life?

Breast implants unfortunately are not for lifelong use. As your body changes with age, your breasts need to change as well, right? Replacement surgeries may be needed for a number of reasons including rupture and pain. Motiva Implants are already equipped to avoid such complications as much as possible.

So, you shouldn’t worry too much regarding the longevity of Motiva Implants. These have advanced technology, super smooth surfaces, and a strong structure. At any rate, these silicon implants should last a good amount of time.

After the 10-year follow-up visit, your surgeon will be able to advise you on whether you require a replacement or not.

Next Steps

To make sure you get the best out of your breast surgery you must choose a competent surgeon first.  Dr Carmen Munteanu can help you choose the right Motiva Implants and Motiva Ergonomix to achieve optimal results after your breast augmentation surgery.

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