Ins & Outs of Skin Removal – Dr Carmen on the AWLS Podcast

Dr Carmen Munteanu explains the Ins and Outs of Skin Removal Surgery after Weight Loss on Episode 32 of the Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast with Dr Jacquie Lewis B.H.Sc, Clinical Nutritionist and AWLS Podcaster.

The Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast is the Home of all things related to the Bariatric Surgery Journey.

Podcast Host and Clinical Nutritionist, Jacqui Lewis (BHSc, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) talks candidly with the leaders in the Bariatric Field in Australia and beyond. Jacquie has been part of the WLS community for more than 8 years, being the co-founder of


AWLS podcast with Dr Carmen

Whether you are preparing for your surgery, looking into obesity surgery options, or just continuing with keeping health and wellness top of mind along the WLS journey.

The Australian Weight Loss Surgery (AWLS) podcast provides evidence-based education for patients and practitioners, as well as personal stories of the journey itself, with some fun and laughter along the way! With personal stories from food addiction to healing, to cancer and WLS – all as inspiring at the next.

Each episode is aimed at broadening the understanding of Surgical Weight Loss and the Lifestyle needed to make for a long term success.

Previous AWLS Podcast Guests have included Nutritionists and Weightloss Surgeons like Prof Michael Talbot and Dr Arun Dhir.

Thanks to Jaqqui and AWLS for having Dr Carmen!

Listen to Dr Carmen’s episode of the podcast here.

Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to Excess Skin Reduction Surgery

Guide Excess Skin Reduction

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