Medicated Skin Care

Aesthetik Profile Melbourne offers a range of medicated skin care, clinically proven to soothe, refresh and produce healthy skin. See results in every use.

Generally speaking, most skin care products sold in general stores or readily available to purchase contain lower levels of active ingredients. For this reason, these products lose the purifying effect a medicated skin care offers.

Medicated skin care is usually a preferred option when it comes to treating any sort of skin condition, or the overall health of your skin.

During a skin analysis, Dr Carmen Munteanu can address your concerns and ascertain the best skin care regimen for your unique circumstances. She will address some of the most common characteristics of ageing, acne or other skin imperfections, and the benefits of a superior skin care regimen. A comprehensive skin care tailored to your skin type can begin your journey to a healthy and vibrant complexion.

Skincare should not be one size fits all. Find a regimen that works for you. At Aesthetik Profile, we offer three different ranges of medicated skin care:

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