Breast Revision Surgery Melbourne

Be it an augmentation, a lift, or a reduction, any breast surgery may eventually require revisional surgery for cosmetic or functional reasons. Dr Carmen Munteanu in Melbourne performs breast revision surgery to help women achieve their desired breast size and shape.

Sometimes the revisional surgery is something which is expected following a breast reduction or reconstructive procedure. In such cases you would have been advised of this during the planning stages of your surgery.

Unfortunately sometimes revisional surgery may also be required to correct a previous surgery where something went wrong, leaving the patient with a disappointing result.

Regardless for your reasons behind seeking a revision of your breast surgery, it is important to discern whether further surgery is necessary in order to correct the breast placement, or rectify and possible replace aged or undesired implants.

Revisional breast surgery is a delicate procedure which requires highly detailed knowledge of the procedure which was previously performed. Dr Carmen Munteanu’s advanced experience in breast surgery of all varieties gives her unparalleled expertise to help you achieve the results you desire.

Why choose breast revision surgery?

Dr Carmen Munteanu performs revision surgery for concerns such as:

  • Asymmetry – breasts which appear uneven or lopsided
  • Bottoming out – the nipple is positioned too high on the breast as the implant has dropped
  • Capsular contracture – a complication resulting in hardening of the implant pocket
  • Double bubble – a crease across the lower part of the augmented breast
  • Implant removal – removing aged or undesired implants
  • Implant removal and replacement – replace old implant with a modern one or size change
  • Rippling or wrinkling – creasing skin texture usually on top of breast
  • Ruptured implant – remove, rectify and possibly replace an implant
  • Symmastia – implants too close together crossing the midline

Planning for breast revision surgery

During your pre-operative consultation, Dr Munteanu will compassionately address the previous breast surgery and determine which revision technique is necessary to refine the breasts.

It is very important to discern whether further surgery is part of a plan, of a staged approach, or whether it is required to correct something that went wrong.

Any information about your previous surgery is paramount to understanding the intrinsic details. This will help Dr Carmen produce the highest quality breast correction.

She will discuss the advantages and risks involved, and ensure you understand every aspect of the procedure so you can make a well-informed decision.

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