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Breast augmentation using breast implants can enhance both the size and contours of the breasts. Dr Carmen Munteanu at Aesthetik Profile in Melbourne can help you to ascertain if breast augmentation is the best choice to achieve your desired silhouette.

Have you considered enhancing the shape and size of your breasts with breast implants? This is a highly personal choice which people consider for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you feel your breasts didn’t naturally develop as much as you would like, or you’ve noticed they have dropped over time, or reduced in size following a pregnancy or weight loss.

No matter what your reasoning for considering this surgery, Dr Munteanu is dedicated to helping her patients achieve a natural appearance and soft feel which she believes is the best approach.

Dr Munteanu works closely with each and every patient to ascertain the best options to achieve their desired outcome.

You can find out more about the breast augmentation options available at Aesthetik Profile and the procedure by browsing through the links below.

Things to consider

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a delicate and personal decision, involving both physical and emotional desires. During your initial consultation, Dr Carmen will discuss your concerns and expectations and provide recommendations. These will include the implant type, the method of insertion and positioning, as well as the healing process. Dr Carmen and her team will help you make a well-informed decision planning your breast augmentation and guide you through your surgical journey.

Breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all procedure; Dr Carmen will listen to your surgical desires, assess your reasons for surgery and recommend a personalised treatment plan to suit your size and shape if you are deemed suitable for the procedure.

Planning your breast augmentation

There are many options when it comes to breast implants, including size, material, shape, placement, and incision. You can find out more about each option in the information below.

Every option requires careful and individual planning to ensure it is the correct choice for your desired outcome. Each and every option has its advantages and disadvantages which need to be addressed and understood before you proceed with your surgery.

Dr Carmen offers breast augmentation procedures which are anatomy-based; she strongly believes the most natural appearance and a soft feel is ideal for her patients. Further to this, while you may have your own ideas about your ideal cup size, the dimensions of your body, specifically the width of your rib cage underneath the breast and your shoulder frame are the main determinants of the maximum size of implant which is feasible for you to receive.

During your consultation Dr Carmen will carefully listen to your concerns and expectations, as well as discussing your reasons for surgery, health history, and risk factors. Your diet, exercise, personality, body frame and quality of your breast tissue are also factors which will need to be taken into consideration.

After conducting a comprehensive medical examination, Dr Carmen will advise you of the options she feels are best suited to your individual case. She will also further discuss the expected results, and recommend a treatment plan, from the preparation stage through to the aftercare.

Breast Augmentation/Implant options

Implant filling

Saline implants contain sterile salt water. Some women feel more comfortable knowing that the saline implants are filled with a natural solution which is safely and easily absorbed and then expelled by the body should the implant shell leak and collapse. Any rupture can be easily detected and therefore addressed immediately. The implant is placed into the breast pocket as an empty shell and then filled to the desired size. For this reason, the saline implant requires a smaller incision for placement. Dr Carmen Munteanu can also perform minimal adjustments to closely achieve the pre-determined breast size.

Saline implants provide a uniform feel, shape and firmness.

Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel, a material which most closely replicates the feel of your natural breast tissue. Should a silicone implant leak, the gel may either remain within the implant shell, or escape into the breast implant pocket, but the implant will not collapse. Should you choose to have a silicone implant, you may need to regularly attend check-ups to ensure the implants are functioning correctly. The condition of the implants can be determined through an MRI or an ultrasound.

Form-stable implants are sometimes also referred to as “gummy bear implants” as they are able to maintain their form, even if they break. They are filled with a thicker silicone gel than traditional silicone implants, and are also considered to be less likely to break. Form-stable implants have a distinct teardrop shape to closely mimic the natural drape and contour of your breast, however, if they rotate, they can result in an unusual appearance. The placement of form-stable implants requires a longer incision as they are pre-filled.

Regardless of which implant filling you receive, it is important to monitor the implants and attend appropriate follow-up consultations and check-ups.

Implant shape

Round implants deliver more upper breast fullness. This shape is commonly preferred to restore upper breast volume which can be lost through breast-feeding or weight loss. There is less concern for round implants to ‘rotate’ out of place.

Teardrop implants, which are also known as anatomical implants, achieve more fullness in the lower half of the breast, and tapers off towards the top. This shape produces a subtle straight-line drape for an attractive and natural-looking result.

Implant positioning

Sub-muscular placement positions the breast implant under the pectoralis muscle on the chest wall. This placement tends to produce a more natural look as the implants are covered by both the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle. It also lowers the chances of hardening (capsular contracture), and makes it easier for you to undergo a mammogram.

The muscle supports the placement of the implant, reducing both the wear to the skin and visible rippling. This placement is somewhat more invasive and requires further recovery time as an incision has been made into the muscle.

Sub-glandular placement positions the implant between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. This surgical procedure is considered less invasive than sub-muscular placement and results in less post-operative discomfort as the muscle remains intact. With this form of placement, the implant does not become distorted when the pectoral muscles are flexed. However, as there is less tissue covering the implant, the breasts are more susceptible to visible rippling and can generally result in a less natural appearance.

Dual plane placement is a combination of sub-glandular and sub-muscular. Dual plane provides a slight breast lift and a natural breast appearance with adequate soft-tissue coverage over the breast implant. This placement technique optimises the dynamics of the implant and the soft tissue, increasing aesthetics and reducing complications.

Surface texture

Smooth breast implants provide the softest feel. These implants can move with the breast implant pocket, which may give more natural movement. These implants may, however, cause some palpable or visible rippling.

Textured breast implants develop scar tissue to stick to the implant, making them less likely to move around inside of the breast and reposition themselves. Textured breast implants offer some advantages in diminishing the risk of a tight scar capsule.


There is a choice in the positioning of the incision to place the breast implant; in the crease under the breast, under the areola, or in the armpit. In each and every case we aim to achieve the best results possible while minimising scarring.

Fat grafting

A fat transfer breast agumentation utilises fat taken from other parts of your body through liposuction, and then deposits it into the breasts. This option is best suited to women who are only looking to achieve a small increase in the size of their breasts and prefer natural looking results. The risks in this procedure include infection, cysts, microcalcification, death of the fat cells, and even the possibility that the deposited cells will migrate out of the breast area. It may be necessary to undergo “touch-up” injections to maintain the shape of your breasts if you chose this option.

The procedure

Modern surgical techniques and technologies have redefined the possible outcomes and patient experience for breast augmentation surgery. This has been a particularly important advancement for ensuring natural-looking outcomes and increased longevity of the implants.

Dr Carmen Munteanu can utilise a range of different techniques, depending on the nature of your tailored procedure. These are outlined in the points above.

Breast augmentation surgery generally takes 1-2 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. The surgery can usually be performed as a day-stay procedure, however, depending on your individual condition, you may be required to stay overnight in the hospital.

Dr Carmen will follow the surgical plan discussed with you prior to surgery.

Recovery and after care

After your surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room and closely monitored. At this time, your breasts will be wrapped with gauze dressings, and either an elastic bandage or support bra will be used to help minimise swelling and provide support to your breasts and the healing phase begins. After a few hours, you may be permitted to go home and rest.

Before you leave our surgery, you will receive detailed instructions to help you care for your breasts, prescribed medication to aid in the healing process and reduce the risk of infection, and your follow-up date with Dr Carmen.

You will need to cleanse the incision sites and apply an ointment to the area as directed, as well as wearing a support garment for the time prescribed – generally the first week or two. You will also receive Dr Carmen’s private number to address any concerns or prevent further complications immediately.

The instructions you receive will be personalised to perfectly suit your unique circumstances. It’s essential that you follow all instructions carefully to ensure the best possible outcome.

Following a post-surgical recovery period of about 24 to 48 hours and an additional reduced activity period of a few days it is likely you will experience discomfort and swelling to the surgical area for a few weeks.

You can begin introducing exercise and normal activity under the direction of Dr Carmen.

Before and after photos

The decision to undergo breast surgery is a delicate and personal one. For this reason, my patients receive the utmost respect, care and attention to feel safe during their surgical journey.

- Dr Carmen Munteanu

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