Mommy Makeover Melbourne

For many women, becoming a mother is one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of their lives. But the effects this process has on their body can be a source of changes which diet and exercise alone can never reverse. Dr Carmen in Melbourne can help restore your pre-baby body with a combination or surgeries often known as a ‘Mommy Makeover’.

‘Mommy makeovers’ combine a number of surgeries and treatments to address the issues commonly associated with pregnancy and are suitable both for women who had had a natural birth, and those who underwent a caesarean.

Having been through these bodily changes herself, Dr Carmen Munteanu has a first-hand understanding of the feelings associated and can provide compassionate care to those mothers who wish to reclaim their pre-baby body.

At Aesthetik Profile, our post pregnancy makeover procedures include:

It is important to understand that surgery is not a weight loss or lifestyle concerns solution, nor can it be guaranteed to solve any confidence issues.

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