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Whether it’s due to – discomfort wearing pants, rashes, infection, thrush, difficulties having sex, self-consciousness when wearing swimmers, or simply because it doesn’t look right, labiaplasty is a procedure which can address a whole range of issues for female patients.

Also known as labioplasty, this specialised treatment rejuvenates and reduces a woman’s genital area, providing a very natural result with minimal scarring.

In general, labiaplasty reshapes a woman’s inner labia (labia minora), sometimes in association with the labio majora, as well as other small refinements of this delicate area.

A patient may wish to undergo this procedure to better define and enhance their natural features, or correct possible deformities by decreasing the size of some areas, altering their shape, or correcting symmetry or pigmentation differences. This treatment can also help to refine imperfections caused by vaginal birth.

Through advanced techniques and her anatomical knowledge, Dr Carmen Munteanu is able to ensure this delicate procedure has minimal impact on sensation in the area after healing has been completed.

Dr Carmen Munteanu is able to provide compassionate and understanding treatment to women who wish to enhance the look of this intimate area, or regain their pre-pregnancy confidence through labiaplasty.

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What can labiaplasty address?

  • Labiaplasty is something women may wish to consider to:
  • Reshape the vaginal labia majora
  • Reduce “abnormal” length or drooping
  • Augment thin tissues which have lost their natural fullness and elasticity
  • Reduce fat following weight loss
  • Preserve fat to prevent an aged appearance for women with thin tissues

Planning your labiaplasty

At your pre-operative consultation Dr Carmen Munteanu will listen carefully to your questions and goals, and conduct an examination before advising of your options and her recommendations. If you have any concerns, please don’t be shy about bringing them up with Dr Carmen! There’s no such thing as a silly question.

The procedure

Depending on your desired outcome, the techniques utilised for labiaplasty will vary from one person to another. In general it will be completed as a day surgery.

Ideally labiaplasty will be performed under general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation, though it is possible for it to be performed under a local anaesthetic.

The wedge technique

For patients who have an asymmetrical labia or excess tissues, without concerns along the labia edge, Dr Carmen’s preferred technique for labiaplasty is the wedge technique, which involved removing a wedge-shaped section of tissue, and then using sutures to close.

Through this advanced technique it is possible to address both the length and the width of the labia tissue, as well as proving a natural ‘lift’ to the perineal structures, and improving the posterior lip.

The clitoral hood and perineum imperfections resulting from vaginal birth and immediate repair can also be addressed if required.

It is also possible to achieve a degree of vaginal tightening by addressing the labia, posterior lip and perineum. If a more extensive approach is required, this may be addressed either simultaneously, or in a staged fashion.

As the incision is placed internally the stitches required will sustain minimal stress, which helps to aid the healing process and reduce post-surgical complications.

The exact shape will be designed on an individual basis, not using a template. Dr Carmen will recommend a customised treatment plan based on your unique anatomy, and desired results.

All stitches used in this procedure will be dissolvable.

Recovery and aftercare

In general the recovery time for labiaplasty is between two and four weeks. You will be provided with personalised instructions on how to care for the surgical site, and follow-up consultations with Dr Carmen.

It is important that care be taken during healing to not overdo anything in the area as it can expose a very sensitive part of the anatomy, which can then require difficult and delicate reconstructive surgery.


Dr Carmen’s advanced technique using magnification helps to ensure good and natural-looking results, and her use of dissolvable sutures helps to achieve excellent healing with limited discomfort.

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