Post Weight Loss FAQs when considering a Body Lift


Post Weight Loss FAQs to ask yourself when considering Body Lift Surgery after losing the weight

You are not alone in seeking corrective surgery post weight loss surgery, unfortunately, in most cases, the excess skin does not ‘snap back’ after diet and exercise. This leaves many people disappointed that they still are not able to live their life as fully as they had hoped. Overfolds of skin and tissue can be difficult to disguise, making you look much bigger than your actual body size and shape. Many patients have questions about future surgery – here are the post-weight loss FAQs.

How excess skin after weight loss can impact your life

All that excess skin can also limit your lifestyle. Excess arm skin presents problems with finding suitable tops to wear. Excess stomach or chest skin can become sore and risks infections without careful management. Excess leg skin causes unpleasant and sometimes painful rashes.

Download Dr Carmen’s Guide to Excess Skin Reduction

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Post Weight Loss FAQs to consider before having post Weight Loss Surgery like Body Lift

  • What underlying health conditions do you have?
  • Are they currently well managed?
  • Do you see any other doctors other than your GP?
  • What other surgeries have you had in the past?
  • Have you achieved your projected goal weight?
  • Has your current weight remained stable for the last 3 Months?
  • Do you still feel heavy even though the weight has gone?
  • Are you feeling fulfilled in your life?
  • Are there any issues you need to address prior to committing to surgery?
  • Are you struggling to fit into standard size clothes??
  • Is your excess skin stopping you from really connecting with life in the way that you had hoped?

Body contouring surgery can provide help to both men and women, please do not suffer in silence accepting less than the best for your life.

Consult a Specialist Plastic Surgeon about your body lift options

Dr Carmen is a female plastic surgeon, and as such she is open, honest and forthright. Your initial consultation will give you plenty of time to explore your individual needs. The more honest you are about your needs the better suited the end result will be.

How much Body Surgery do you need?

The choice is entirely yours to make. You may wish to treat a little or a lot or even plan for a gradual surgical plan, opting to book for separate specific surgeries within a specific timeline. It is vital to take ownership of this journey what areas do you feel need to be improved.

Once the planned surgery has achieved your goal it is important to use that improvement to your life in positive ways further connecting with an active lifestyle. This will result in other areas of your body also improving as you naturally become more engaged in your life.

If in the future further surgery is needed come back for further consultations to discuss other areas of concern for you.

Which Body Lift surgery is most important to you?

Spend time really looking at your body, try on different outfits, different styles. Do they flatter your shape?  How do you feel??

Be honest with yourself. How do you really feel!! It is very easy to slip into the old ways of ‘putting a brave face on’ brushing off your needs. This is about you and nobody else this is not a time to think of other’s needs, this is where you need to be honest and promote your needs.

Rather than feeling negative, think positively. Find something that you are happy with focus on that now think if there was one thing, I would like to improve what would it be and how easy would it be to achieve?

Which Body Lift surgery is the highest priority for you?

Ask yourself the money question – if I had the money available to invest in me – what ONE thing would I change and why.

You may think – many things. But think of that one thing that would really enhance your life allowing you to connect with life perhaps feeling great about going to the pool, a holiday, family occasion, wearing short sleeve tops, trousers that fit both your waist and thighs, perhaps breasts that sit where they are supposed to be.

Many areas might benefit from surgery but what one thing would mean the most to you?

Take your time there is no rush, make sure you are clear in what you need to achieve. It is Ok to seek a consult and spend time reviewing your options. A skilled surgeon can offer lots of options but is important to find a surgeon who really connects with you and supports the vision that you are aiming to achieve.

Why patients have Post-Weight Loss Surgery

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed not just endured. There is no point living an unhappy life with limitations If you have the wish and ability to change yours for the better then what are you waiting for!

Although age is important in speedy wound healing, body contour surgery is not something that cannot be considered at any age.

For many people that initial weight loss is only part of the journey to the you that you always wanted to be.

Now the excess weight is gone are you engaged in your life? Enjoying physical activities. Looking for opportunities to connect with life?

How much is Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery?

Corrective post-weight loss surgery can be expensive depending on how much excess skin needs to be removed. It can completely change your whole body or maybe just improve a small part. Take the time to really think about what you need. At your consultation, you will receive a personalised quote.

For more information about pricing visit Body Lift Pricing and Payment Plans.

Further Medical References on Body Lift

Post Weight loss FAQs


Next Steps

Visit Dr Carmen’s Body Lift Page

Book in for a consultation to explore the possibilities and how it might give you the body shape to move forward to the lifestyle you had planned when you were first considering that weight loss surgery.

At Aesthetik Profile we provide the very best team approach to support you through your journey in every way. We provide a holistic team approach and are known for our warm and welcoming approach to guide you towards the body you want.

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