Ganglions Melbourne

Aesthetik Profile Melbourne offers surgical relief for Ganglions; a fluid-filled cyst commonly located in the wrist and hand as a result of overuse syndrome. They usually arise adjacent to joints or synovial lined tendons, and first appear as a swelling under the skin.

A ganglion is often a result of an overuse syndrome, or may be related to arthritis or following a hand injury.

In mild cases, especially if hand function is not affected, only observation is needed. For more severe cases, various treatment options are available in order to straighten the finger(s). These options may include needles or open surgery.

Surgical removal of ganglions and other tumours of the hand is a safe and effective treatment option. This form of hand surgery can be performed under local or possibly general anaesthesia.

For patients considering surgery, Dr Carmen Munteanu will conduct a personalised and thorough consultation, allowing you to feel comfortable and well-informed about the procedure.

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